Friday, December 11, 2015

The 25 Weird Days of Christmas Day 11: "The Polar Express" Tweetmentary!

I made a bad decision this week.

I decided this year should be the year I finally hate-watch "The Polar Express".  I live-Tweeted the whole ordeal, which swiftly became not the expected hate-watch, but an "Oh my God, what the eff is even happening?!?"-watch.

I'm trying Storify Twitter Moments for the first time since figuring out how the darn thing works - mostly.  This will be something.  Note that posts couldn't be edited for spelling or anything but they have been shuffled around a little for clarity.  Thank you, everyone who watched along and contributed.

Part the First

Part the Second

Handy (or not) Embeds:


Art of the Day:

Shortly after watching this and indulging in some Christmas wine, I had a vision and created something wonderful and terrible for this year's Awful Christmas album:

(Let me be the first to say, in the cold light of morning, 😱😱😱)

Music is art! Have "Spirit of the Season":

Also, something I had in my head during the more deranged BS action scenes:

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