Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Draw Dinovember Day 19 and "The Great Turkey Caper"

More cute birds!

Bird Paintings!

It is time for us to deal with Buttons and Rusty.  I narrowly avoided having to tackle their Halloween episode earlier, but theirs is one of the only Thanksgiving specials available on YouTube, so here we are.

* - You'd be forgiven if you assumed most of this special was based on the obvious conflict inherent in "Hey, let's invite our turkey friends to Thanksgiving!"  It's not.  It's a lot less interesting, but then, turns out most plots for Thanksgiving specials would be.
* - Holy Mary Mother of God, the first Thanksgiving dream Buttons and Rusty have...
* - Specifically, I can't even with Kitu and his family.  (Screams internally.)
* - But I do need to call out this line of dialogue: "Look!  People with feathers!!!"  (Screams internally forever.)
* - So here's your actual, non-that-awkward-moment-when-you-invite-turkeys-to-Thanksgiving plot: it looks like the wild turkeys of Peckerwood Clusterf*ck Chucklewood Park are being captured by poachers but then the poachers say they are really from the "wildlife conservation society" and they're taking the turkeys away from their home to another place with more food.  Uh-huh.  Sure.  It's totally not a scam Mr. Ranger man guy.

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