Thursday, October 29, 2015

Inktober Day 29 - "The Last Halloween"

OK I'm not even sure how to introduce this one.

Did you know "Savage" Steve directed a Halloween special?  But it was really a long commercial for Mars candies, so it couldn't be as insane as "Better Off Dead", so it's... not interesting.


Were you a child in the 90's with vague memories of a commercial for Mars candy with really dodgy CGI?  Did you know that was a spin-off from a Halloween special from the year before?

In either case, it's called "The Halloween That Almost Wasn't, But Then Was" "The Last Halloween" and it looks like this.  Drink for every 90's kid movie trope:

Man, those are some character designs...

Inktober 10.29.15 - The Last Halloween

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