Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The 70's Were Really Freakin' Weird - Let's Watch "Welcome to the World"!

Before I head down to Walt Disney World with the family, I often like to watch old Disney World specials to see how much has changed. Often the most interesting ones are from before my time, not just because they show me parts of the park that didn't exist by the time I got there, but also (admittedly, mostly) because they have a certain very 70's-ness.

That is to say that everything about "Welcome to the World" is simultaneously terrible and amazing.

Some highlights:

* - Look for the Fort Wilderness train, the Bob-Around Boats, the early monorails, the rising stage in Tomorrowland, and weird, early versions of character costumes (those Ostriches...)

* - Those topiary dragons though...

* - Tommy.  Tune's.  Pants.  O_o

* - The guy I can only confidently identify as Orangehair McTightpants.

* - Drinking game: Drink whenever you're thinking, "Are they STILL singing?!"

* - The looks on the actual astronauts invited to the dedication of Space Mountain.

* - Wrong-Sounding Mickey.  Haunting.

* - The part where they actually ride Space Mountain.


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