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The Princess Project - "Aladdin" Commentary

Tweets originally posted on 11/5/2014

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Who'd like to join me in finally tying up a loose end this fine morning?

For those of you new to the Princess Project (or who have forgotten since its been a while) I'm live-Tweeting a Disney Princess movie…

...analyzing the Princess' role in it and learning whether she is a Good Role Model/Strong Female Character/etc.

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This was our first indication that Aladdin was going to be... different.

There's a LOT to discuss here in Aladdin. I'm going to focus on Jasmine's role in the movie to streamline things, but until she shows up…

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Jafar: best Andreas Deja villain? Discuss.

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Remember how awesome this was in 1992?

 photo al4_zps25f6000f.jpg
Potential Best Deja Villain sadly hampered by Possibly Worst Minion.

 photo al6_zps8101f958.jpg
Aladdin = severe hottie.

I apologize for the crappy DVR screenshots. Blame Disney for acting like it is the hardest damn thing in the world to put Aladdin on bluray.

 photo al7_zps292b8bb9.jpg
These backgrounds!

Woah, out of nowhere "Adventures of Prince Achmed" diss!

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So here's Jasmine, the character we're here to focus on.

She spends her introduction complaining about Princess Life. Okay…?

We'll track her characterization from there, but personally, Jasmine always struck me as the least compelling character…

...mostly because it felt like she was hastily rewritten in reaction to the positive responses Ariel and Belle received.

The fact that Jasmine, unlike her Renaissance-era sisters, isn't the main character in her movie made this difficult.

 photo al9_zps6254f776.jpg

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Jasmine's solution to her Princess angst is to run away - and she's immediately out of her element.

 photo al11_zps2c722e93.jpg
Jasmine and Jafar only have a few scenes where they confront each-other and Euw, Jafar you're such a creep!

 photo al12_zpsc036deb8.jpg
Nailed it, Abu.

 photo al13_zpsd30046bb.jpg
This. Character. Design. Wanna meet the person who animated this. Wanna buy them a drink.

 photo al14_zps9287ff0b.jpg
Also wanna meet whoever animated this sequence, buy them a drink.

Yay! They didn't cut out Abu's "Oh, SH*T!!!"

 photo al15_zpsa2f81bba.jpg
Reminder that instead of an awesome Cave of Wonders ride a la Disneyland's Indiana Jones, we got an off-the-shelf spinner.

Meanwhile, Jasmine is all "AAAAANGST!!!"

So, yeah, Jasmine is pretty much the least interesting character in a movie that has been full of memorable characters so far.

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Sadly for Jasmine, all the characters in Aladdin are about to be bowled over by Genie.

 photo al17_zps9a2f8bb6.jpg
Genie: very strong contender for Best Sidekick. Wanna buy Eric Goldberg a drink, etc.

Aladdin continues to be off on fun exciting adventures, Jasmine is still all angsty.

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So... Genie's references to circa early-90's things.

Let's not talk about the "'Aladdin' takes place in a rebuilt post-apocalyptic future world!" theory.

Instead, let's appreciate how *quick* they are!

 photo al19_zps211177ea.jpg
Ya gotta feel for Abu here. He spends almost the rest of the movie transformed and trying to adjust.

Weird thing I just realized: Abu's situation here is the *entire plot* of other Disney movies.

 photo al20_zpsa653e7b2.jpg
Hey, Beast.

 photo al21_zpsf425c48d.jpg
Roll up in the club like...

Moral of Aladdin: With great wealth and power come Maximum Punchable Smugface.

 photo al22_zpsce504a9f.jpg
Not impressed.

 photo al23_zpsfda3f0b8.jpg
Seriously though, this whole sequence.

 photo al24_zps77e36aba.jpg
From this point on, Jafar's the smartest guy in the room.

Jafar: "Where are you even the Prince of?"
Aladdin: "Uhhh... Some... Place…?"

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In Jasmine's defense, she is rightfully super pissed when all the men argue about what they think she wants.

 photo al26_zps6695e101.jpg
Quick reminder that meanwhile, Abu is experiencing the entire plot of other Disney movies.

And now for the plot point in "Aladdin" that has stuck in my craw for the last 22 years:

 photo al27_zpse2fd41db.jpg
"Just be yourself" Says the character who can't go half a minute w/out impersonating somebody else.

Aww, they cut That Line!

 photo al28_zps9b9151a8.jpg
"Just shut up, Princes!"

Genie: "Beeeee yourself!!!" Genie you are impersonating something else right this second, no wonder Aladdin doesn't take you seriously!

Ok, A Whole New World still works. :)

 photo al30_zps1f85db8f.jpg
Obligatory ET Reference. But also Those Clouds!!!

 photo al29_zps2a5f81b7.jpg
Notice it's also the one sequence in a long while where Jasmine isn't angry or upset at Aladdin. Huh.

 photo al31_zps745bc81e.jpg
But can you blame Jasmine? She figures out the truth and Aladdin still insists on lying. What the hell, hero?

 photo al32_zps8a40ed90.jpg
"Oh, wait, crap. If I marry Jasmine, I'll have responsibilities! POLITICAL responsibilities!"

 photo al33_zpsdd1afed1.jpg

Yeah, this goes w/out saying at this point but Aladdin's character arc is a hell of a lot more interesting than Jasmine’s.

Though it's not remotely as interesting as Abu’s.

All joking aside, it's "I've lied and lied in pursuit of my true love and now I must redeem myself and save everyone"...

...vs "Wah, being a Princess sucks. Everyone stop deciding what I want FOR me! I love you, guy who lied to me!"

 photo al34_zps32e6e81d.jpg
Love this sequence! We see that Genie would be effing TERRIFYING if he did anything besides funny impressions.

 photo al35_zpsec48c65c.jpg
"You see what happens when you good guys pass around the Idiot Ball?"

 photo al36_zps35fd0ce7.jpg
"Now you see that evil will always triumph, because good is dumb!"

"Dumber than usual in this case..."

 photo al37_zps1b69a7ee.jpg
In his defense, Aladdin acknowledges that he's failed everyone and this is all his fault. Time for a redemption arc!

 photo al38_zpsfa8cc0ad.jpg
Seems Aladdin is also a direct ancestor of a character we all yelled at in "Prometheus". Idiot balls are genetic!

 photo al39_zps15f0c07e.jpg
Euw. Euw, no. Jafar don't do this! Euw Euw euw!!!

 photo al40_zps5f26980e.jpg
Funny how the one most obscure impression is the one that appears twice.

(It's every 90's kid's favorite, William F. Buckley Jr.)

 photo al41_zps2baa1233.jpg
Jasmine is a woman who's willing to suffer to save her city.

 photo al42_zpsdcffe65d.jpg
Jafar, don't. Don't do this. It never helps.

 photo al43_zpsb1704d0b.jpg
Jafar, seriously. You know what happens to Disney villains who go One-Winged Angel.

This isn't holding the Idiot Ball, this is straight-up Genre Blindness.

 photo al44_zps095f6d57.jpg
"I'm still going to do one last evil thing before I go! Give Iago an excuse to show up in the sequels and spinoffs!"

 photo al45_zps14b75fd6.jpg
"So... Are we cool? I did just save everybody."

 photo al46_zps78d09f5a.jpg
I'm sad now...

 photo al47_zps0895dcb3.jpg
"From now on, the Princess can marry whoever she loves!"

(Decades later...)
"Can I marry another Princess?"
"Or how about NOBODY! Can I marry nobody?!"

 photo al48_zps5460db96.jpg
Oh... I'm very sad now...

Disney, release this on Blu-Ray already!

Thanks for joining me in this live-Tweetery of Aladdin!

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Philip Gonzales said...

The one thing - the ONE THING - I appreciate about "The Return of Jafar" is that Jasmine approach to Aladdin is "You lied to me for an entire movie, and while I love you, I don't know if I can trust you." She makes Aladdin work to gain her trust and that struck me as a pretty complex character choice for a DTV cash-in-set-up-for-a-tv-series. I may be remembering it as better-done than it actually was, but it stayed with me.