Monday, December 22, 2014

For a Given Definition of "Special"... - "A Special Sesame Street Christmas"

From all I've heard about it, I was expecting "A Special Sesame Street Christmas" to be the "Star Wars Holiday Special" of the Muppets. It isn't quite that bonkers (honestly, it's too boring), but it's close. Real close. It's weird in the very specific ways that 70's variety holiday specials are.

Also, it was apparently not *quite* authorized by the creators of "Sesame Street", who made the classic "Christmas Eve on Sesame Street" the very same year. There are few better demonstrable arguments why we need PBS then this.

Anyway, it's Christmas on Sesame Street and Oscar's trying to ruin it for everyone by being a jerk. Random people try to get him to stop, Michael Jackson shows up for about a minute (this is maybe the only reason people know this show even exists), and it's always nice to have people singing "Just One Person" to a Muppet (but this wasn't for the first time). Gets me every time, it does.


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