Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Introducing the Total Media Bridge Podcast!

Great Scott, it's alarming how easy it is to get out of the blogging habit isn't it?  Let's not dwell on that (as much as my guilty conscience would like to) and instead focus on one of the most awesome things I got to do over this busy summer:

The Total Media Bridge Podcast's Awkward First Episode!

In which Kevin Johnson of the excellent Total Media Bridge and I battle audio problems while discussing the roots of the Disney Afternoon, the Nostalgia Filter is strong with this one "The Wuzzles" and the better than it has any right to be "The Gummi Bears".  We talk about what went right, what went wrong, the adorable reality subtext of "Little Bears Lost", the issue of Hoppopotamus fat-shaming, and I do my (awful) Michael Eisner impression!  Click the link above to enjoy, and head over to TMB for the show notes.


Sketch of the Unspecific Length of Time!

1.23.14 - Dinosaur Wuzzles!?!

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