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The Princess Project - "The Princess and the Frog" Commentary

Tweets originally posted on 4/10/14.

Let's get right into "The Princess And The Frog", which stars our first Mooney-era Princess.

And also the last significant gasp to date of hand-drawn Disney feature animation. *sigh*

 photo patf1_zpsbfc5b935.jpg
Mooney: "OH! Oh it's beautiful! You've visualized my dream of what every little girls room is going to look like!!!"

(Mooney skips away, layout artists look at each other incredulously...) "He knows we're mocking him right?"

 photo patf2_zps65adf6df.jpg
Our introduction to Charlotte and Tiana. Here's a great blog post that dissects this scene...

...but I'd like to point out that the films snarky attitude towards Disney Princess franchise/culture is a bold f-ing choice.

It's gently mocking, to be sure, but remember this was the peak of the marketing frenzy.

An unintended subtext of "The Princess And The Frog": Disney's marketing department does not pay close attention to the films they are marketing...

I forgot how the awesome opening number introduces us to all the major characters in the space of a couple minutes!

 photo patf3_zpsfa7b5551.jpg
This whole sequence!

It's directly inspired by Tex Avery's "Page Ms. Glory", which if you haven't seen yet, here you go. You're in for a treat.

I could also make an argument that this is the best "I Want" song since "Part of That World".

And it's a fascinating one, since Tiana knows EXACTLY what she wants and how to achieve it. An awesome You Go Girl anthem.

 photo patf4_zpscd29e5d1.jpg
It'd never happen but I'd be fine with an entire American animated feature in this style.

Super jealous of Tiana's L33T veggie-chopping skills.

 photo patf5_zps9b9c4501.jpg
LaFou unavailable for comment.

And in light of Beast/Prince, it was a darn good decision to have us spend some time with Human-Naveen. Even if he is a jerk.

 photo patf6_zps6140d7a0.jpg
"Hey, what if we drew Prince as a Disney Villain and had Keith David voice him?" - an awesome person

 photo patf7_zpsf2e4b98a.jpg
Lottie is a f-in GREAT character.

 photo patf8_zpse09a4dfc.jpg
"Go insane! Go insane! Throw some glitter make it rain!"

 photo patf9_zps348914c7.jpg
"Not marketable enough."

 photo patf10_zps584be76e.jpg
"Yeah! That's more like it!"

No points for guessing which of these dresses Tiana chose for the party and which one she only wears during her emotional crisis

 photo patf11_zpsc792b31e.jpg
Obviously cut subplot is obvious.

 photo patf12_zps4465ffba.jpg
This guy...

Remember how I said some sidekick characters take a while to endear themselves to me? Hey, Louis.

 photo patf13_zpsc3eeda1c.jpg
Though this scene is amazing.

 photo patf14_zpsc5a1f4ce.jpg
"Hey guys! I know what shot we need to feature in the trailer! Prominently!"

 photo patf15_zps4e4ec94f.jpg
Speaking of visual gags that are... a bit much...


 photo patf15_zps4e4ec94f.jpg
What the hell did my Frogadier evolve into?!?!?

 photo patf16_zps6a0b64a9.jpg
"Ugh, that goofy-ass bug thing is going to ruin the whole movie! Look at it!"

The scene with the hunters is a little out-of-place, but... is a better invocation of classic Warner Bros cartoons than anything WB has done in decades.

 photo patf17_zps15383d62.jpg
Seriously. Big dude on the left is basically Chuck Jones' Baby Bear.

The designs of the shadow demon things!? O.O

 photo patf18_zpsa8a63325.jpg
Good-aligned snake in a Disney movie OMG!!!

 photo patf19_zps922e57fe.jpg

 photo patf20_zps0f33bf02.jpg
Mama Odie's conversation with Tiana is... it sticks in my craw a bit. Could've been worded better.

Though I'm not sure *how*, honestly. It's not like she could just say, "Girl, you need to chill."

Incidentally, I recall Tumblr piling on Mama Odie for being a bad stereotype. Despite the fact she is based on both a real person and a Louisiana local legend. Tumblr!

 photo patf21_zpsd0b2761d.jpg
Anyway, Ron and John!

The "Lottie and Naveen have both betrayed me even though that's way out of character for the former..."

"...and I already know about the latter's imposter!" scene really sticks in my craw. It just doesn't need to be in here.

 photo patf22_zps99659741.jpg
You know how I said it took a while for Louis to win me over? Here's where he did.

 photo patf23_zps343e580f.jpg
Oh! Oh, no!

Disney! Making You Cry Over Such Things As A Beetle Getting Trod Upon Since Your Childhood!

 photo patf24_zps7f985d2e.jpg
"Oh, I love it! Sell dolls of her in this dress!"
"Mooney, do you even watch these movies?"

Facilier is trying to get Tiana on his side through Daddy Issues? Facilier, what the hell?

Lilo's doll Scrump is back and boy is she p**sed!

Woah... O_O

 photo patf25_zps655c8b46.jpg
Seriously, this is up there w/Judge Doom as far as messed-up Disney Villain deaths.

"My dream wouldn't be complete without you in it." Awww...

 photo patf26_zps315c06a9.jpg
I'm attending an outdoor wedding later this year. I hope it is exactly like this.

 photo patf27_zpsda627813.jpg
Best Disney Princess dress. I love Belle's too but... aqua. And *vines!*

 photo patf28_zps40bb3057.jpg
So here are Naveen's ambiguously ethnic parents.

Weirdly, it's Tiana's Mom who says she wants some grandkids already. Naveen's mom deported him!

Truthfully, she sent him away to America until he became a person she could voluntarily grant political power. Wild.

 photo patf29_zpsc252e30f.jpg
"Deal with it!"

 photo patf30_zps140f3b5e.jpg
Oh... this is a little weird...

I mean I don't for a moment think Lottie was seriously going to wait for a now-six year old, but it's weird that they went there.

 photo patf31_zps661d6549.jpg
Anyway, awwwww...

 photo patf32_zpsfcab8e35.jpg
Silly me, I would also love an entire movie in this style.

That weird realization that if any US studio would do such a thing these days, the most likely one is Dreamworks...?

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raptor_044 said...

"Deal with it!"

Now that you mention it, that scene would make a better "Deal with it!" gif than any of those w/whatever character putting on sunglasses.

"I mean I don't for a moment think Lottie was seriously going to wait for a now-six year old, but it's weird that they went there."

Well, it worked for Anakin & Padme, & Disney did buy the rights to "Star Wars".