Friday, April 11, 2014

The Princess Project - "Brave" Commentary

Wow, this one got lively.  Tweets originally posted 2/12/14.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


For more in this series: The Princess Project


raptor_044 said...

Out of curiosity, are you gonna do "Frozen" now that it's on DVD?


Brian Malbon said...

I'd really love to see your snarky take on Sophia the First. She's not QUITE as awful as I first imagined the few times I've been in the same room when it was on, but every single one of these kids is a spoiled rotten shit. It send like the"learning to be a princess" arc is mostly learning how to be a bitch. It doesn't help much that nearly every time I've seen the show, it's the episode where all three brats treat their (gay?) male nanny looker garbage and then make it up to him with a five-minute "yay you!" treehouse party.

Anyway, loved the insights on Brave. It's a flawed but gorgeous movie and the analysis you linked to is brilliant. As a father of two daughters, it's hard to find positive girls for them to watch, so this one stats on rotation despite it's problems.

Brian Malbon said...

Wow, rereading all of that tells me I've really got to keep an eye on my typos. Autocorrect is a real killer, I hope the gist got through.

Kevin To said...

Your dinosaur draws are beyond great. I remember watching the Jurassic park movies and these drawing reminded me of them. Good work and keep it going. The details listed on each dinosaur is very helpful as well. Thanks!!!

Rachel Ghoul said...

This is a really awesome and admirable project and I'm sorry that I'm only hearing about it at the tail end of it. Excellent analysis. I'm looking forward to hearing your take on Aladdin (still my favorite, though Tangled and Sleeping Beauty give it a run for its money) and hopefully Frozen.

(For the record I've seen about a third of the episodes of Sofia and it's... not awful. It's not remotely on the level of the first two seasons of MLP, but I don't hate it. If I were in the age range I'm sure I'd be all over it.)