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The Princess Project - "Sleeping Beauty" Commentary

Tweets originally posted on 2/1/14.

"... ... ... ... ...whaaaaaaat?" - every single person I know, including myself, to the "Maleficent" trailers.

 photo sb1_zpsf051c8c9.jpg
And on that note...

Let's see how few screenshots I can do this in. Seeing as of all the Princess movies, I think this ones the prettiest.

 photo sb2_zpsc9b26e5b.jpg
Gonna be an audio snob for as long as they give me the option.

 photo sb3_zps92ed6f24.jpg
O.O Hell yeah, it's letterboxed!

No note of Don Bluth in the credits.

 photo sb4_zpsfd68f886.jpg
Pretty sure this is our last Giant Book, but what a note to go out on!

 photo sb5_zpse530eee2.jpg
Jaw, meet floor.

 photo sb6_zps4d9974a2.jpg
"I'm destined to be True Love with THAT?!"

 photo sb7_zps7fe1df39.jpg
"Yeah, we're the best Good-aligned characters in this movie and we know it."

 photo sb8_zps37f08e4e.jpg
Note that Aurora has a mom. (Note also that Aurora is the first Princess whose biological parents live through the whole movie and who is raised by a loving foster family. Interesting.)

Right, I said I wasn't going to do the millions of screenshots thing.

So just take my word for it that the acid trip that happens when the Fairy Godmothers bless Aurora is an amazing effect.

So's Maleficent's entrance.

Here's why Maleficent gets to be the leader of the Disney Villains every time they do a crossover in a few screenshots.

 photo sb10_zpse334a972.jpg
This face...

 photo sb11_zpsac21b9ff.jpg
This face...

 photo sb12_zpsdd335080.jpg
And this face. Good luck, Angelina.

 photo sb13_zpsc4e91850.jpg
Oh yeah, and the whole "I wasn't invited to a baby's birthday party so I'm going to curse her" thing.

She also inadvertently puts every textile worker in the kingdom out of a job.

There are people who hate the Fairy Godmothers in Sleeping Beauty. I do not trust those people, since I'm sure that's a sign of other, deeper flaws.

Aurora gets the title (sort of), and Prince Philip gets the shining armor, but the REAL hero of the movie is Merryweather!

Here's one of my favorite "secretly dark and edgy" moments in an older Disney film...

 photo sb14_zps9da6533c.jpg
"She always ruins your flowers!" Says Fauna after Flora discusses turning PEOPLE into flowers...?!

 photo sb15_zpsefb226f1.jpg
Sadly, Merryweather is destined to be outvoted.

What we really have here is the story of three supernatural beings choosing to live as normal people to save a child.

Sadly, the movie mostly skips over that. THAT is the "untold story" I wanna hear!

 photo sb16_zps95e01d7a.jpg
Look at these minion designs! Beats the hell out of yellow lozenges any day.

 photo sb17_zpsb068603f.jpg
This is basically my reaction when someone tells me something incredulous.

 photo sb18_zps0e5aef6b.jpg
So is this...

The lesson here: never send goblins to do a corvid's job.

The whole scene in the cottage = *^_^*

 photo sb19_zps4f3180ec.jpg
These backgrounds!

 photo sb20_zpsb6358264.jpg
"Man, nobody in the Parks' costume department can get my hat right."

I also like how Philip's reaction to Aurora's voice is, "WTF IS that? That can't have come out of a human!"

 photo sb21_zps4ce48471.jpg
"Hey guys! Build this castle in reality! As the first theme park castle you've ever built!"
"OK Walt."

 photo sb22_zps3bf94298.jpg
Aurora's gang of critters; so far every Princess has one.

Also, she remembers Prince Philip from when she was a baby. Folktale Logic!

 photo sb23_zps06d9e47c.jpg
"Dude. This is pretty (bleep)ed up right here."

"Yeah, sorry I interrupted your dancing with a bunch of wild animals wearing my clothing, lady."

Weird thing is, Aurora is very not wrong about the "We've met before!" part. Again, Folktale logic!

 photo sb24_zps92b0ed55.jpg
This whole sequence is terrific but I suddenly suffer Magic Envy.

 photo sb25_zpsc85c9d90.jpg
The best.

Weirdest thing about Team Pink vs Team Blue: Flora's color scheme is, really, orange.

 photo sb26_zpsc292b331.jpg
Dear Disney Princess Marketing: I want to be able to buy this dress.

 photo sb27_zpsbb587dc4.jpg
This whole sequence is fascinating to me. Aurora has just learned her true identity as the lost Princess and just. Can't. Deal.

Remember the "help Aurora's Fairy Godmothers celebrate her Birthday" thing in the original New Fantasyland announcement?

Why do I suddenly suspect that this plot point would have been, err, glossed over a little.

Here's the original New Fantasyland announcement if you're curious. It is damned crazy in hindsight.

 photo sb28_zpsb158b7bf.jpg
Anyway, I have to admit that this would be my reaction too if I learned I was going to grow up to be burdened with political responsibilities.

Although... THAT aspect of being a Princess, you're a woman w/political powers who is also the "face" of your country, is pretty sweet.

The marriage and privilege parts I could do without; just gimme powers. And an army of snowmen. And a fancy dress. And a pony.

 photo sb29_zpsf2c200e2.jpg
King Hubert is rad. "Hey, that dragon-b**ch's curse is as good as dispelled! Let's get WASTED!"

 photo every-power-hour-i-have-ever-attempted-to-participate-in_zps16c720b5.jpg

"Oh BTW, I already had our kids' castle built so they can marry tonight and start making us grandkids!" Holy isht, Hubert!

Theory: King Hubert is related to King Charming. Somehow.

 photo sb30_zps98eb6abf.jpg
Me, IRL. (Well not right NOW, I mean! It's barely past Noon!)

 photo sb31_zpse360e39e.jpg
It's the 60's! Do this if you are a musician!

Never mind Maleficent I want a movie about the kings.

 photo sb32_zpsdffe8668.jpg
These backgrounds, though...

 photo sb33_zps7a7bd051.jpg

 photo sb34_zps0d3bb30e.jpg
"Well, it's only a few minutes to sunset, I'm sure we can leave her alone and unguarded now."

 photo sb35_zps69569b7e.jpg
This whole sequence is amazing. And scary as hell.

"Sleeping Beauty" has the attention of my family so I'm going to have to cut down on screenshots. But, my whole family is watching a Disney movie from the 60's. :)

 photo sb36_zpsd677e54c.jpg
"This. Exactly this, in reality!"
"Whatever you say, Walt. You're the boss."

Whole putting the castle to sleep scene is effing gorgeous.

Sampson = Encouragement Horse

 photo sb37_zps3818601c.jpg

 photo sb38_zps8349a7b0.jpg
"Ah crap we blew it AGAIN!!!"
"And that costume department still can't get the hat right."

 photo sb39_zps0930c791.jpg
Fairies, you're out of your element!!!

Sh*t, Maleficent, that is ice cold.

Corvids continue to be more competent in every way than goblins.

As pointed out by my sister, the Fairy Godmothers are a little Mary Poppins-esque in appearance.

 photo sb40_zps3aa0a578.jpg
"Right. That bird is goin' down."

 photo sb41_zpsbb9cf404.jpg
"This is for taking out my one useful minion!!!"

Okay. I don't hate CGI. I can't emphasize that enough.

 photo sb42_zpsdde92966.jpg
But compare these thorns, which look like they could tear you to shreds if you look at them wrong... the generic 3D ones in the "Maleficent" trailer. Yeah.

 photo sb43_zps91637245.jpg
"Yeah, you're all well and truly f**cked."

Sister: "She says 'Hell'?! In a DISNEY movie?!?!?"

 photo sb44_zps1fe46cb9.jpg
Best movie dragon.

 photo sb45_zpsa4dd92a5.jpg
The music, the sound effects, the animation -- and six limbs!

Dad: "O_O Uh, can we watch that again?"

There's an essay to be written (by somebody w/a better grasp of color theory) on the use of emotional color in "Sleeping Beauty".

 photo sb46_zps25c56b3a.jpg

Poor King Hubert's like, "IDK WTF?!" Blame it on the alcohol, Hubert.

 photo sb47_zps7e57cdc9.jpg
Oh. I thought Merryweather won in the end?

Anyway, another giant book "Happily ever after" ending!


Next week:  The Renaissance-Era Princesses!  (Except Jasmine because damn the Disney vault.)

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