Monday, March 17, 2014

The Princess Project - "Snow White" Tweetmentary

Tweets originally posted starting 1/25/14


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raptor_044 said...

"Grumpy is an awesome character (I judge how well-defined a character is over how much I'd like the person in real life [Note: this will be important later])..."

I'm a little confused about the above quote b/c, while it does make sense, it seems to contradict what said about another character who was both well-defined & unlikable as a person ( ).

"This doesn't seem particularly sanitary to me…"

I always thought the same thing, especially when the deer cleaned the dishes w/its tail.

"The "Finish Your Drink" moment in almost all of these movies."

Are you referring to Disney characters falling to their deaths or something else? Just making sure.


Trish said...

Extremely delayed reaction time!

1) I often think and feel more than one way about a thing! I contain multitudes!!!

2) Would I rather eat something -cooked- that tiny birds walked all over OR eat something off of a thing that was within microns of a deer butthole...? I don't like either option but let's go with the first.

3) Yes, Falling Villain in a Disney movie = Finish your drink.