Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Princess Project - "Cinderella" Tweetmentary

Tweets originally posted on 1/31/14.

Part One
Part Two


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Anonymous said...

"Hand drawn, fools."


"I agree w/the part in Cinderella Ate My Daughter where the reason why the way they're marketed that way distresses me deeply is: these are now folklore-derived characters *without stories*.

Part of the point of Cinderella (sticking w/her) is that she earns the sh*t out of her happy ending.

But in the Princess merchandise there's no nods to her story at all so she's just, kinda... pretty and sparkly?"

Very good point. These days she's little more than Mickey Mouse: a person in a costume to see at Disneyland.

Grant said...

I don't even understand what all those athletes have to do with Cinderella. Am I missing something?