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The Princess Project - "Beauty and the Beast" Commentary

Tweets originally posted on 2/7/14.  And this one's going to be very picture heavy because it is my favorite ever.

Thanks Internet for not having a video of the insane early Friz Freleng "Beauty and the Beast" Merry Melody short so I can get the damn song out of my head

 photo batb1_zps4f2d5417.jpeg
Well, let's just cut to the chase then. (And bring my Off-Model Belle avatar back cause why not?)

 photo batb2_zpsd89caca9.jpeg
For the "Beauty And The Beast" DVD commentary, you have to watch the George Lucased version. Gaston's face matches my own.

 photo batb3_zps9032cdd1.jpeg
O.O I did not know the "Workprint" version was an option...

Okay, okay. For consistency's sake, I'm going to live-Tweet the 90's "MY CHILDHOOD!!!" theatrical version. But oh my God...

Full confession: I've never seen the Workprint version. I will have to watch that later.

It begs the question though: why isn't the Workprint the version w/the commentary track? Seems to make the most sense?

 photo batb4_zps45f8d9d4.jpeg
Since they Lucased out the 90s logo for the new one, I might as well point out that Donald Duck is mooning us.

 photo batb5_zps4ad0c0ba.jpeg
This. Opening. Sequence.

As a kid I knew right here that, while I really loved "The Little Mermaid", this was going to be on a WHOLE other level.

Just the whole thing. The pan through the forest, the stained glass, our first view of Beast. Effing GORGEOUS.

"The Lion King" has it's moments but when I think of Bronze Age/Renaissance Disney at the top of their game, it's "Beauty and the Beast".

This may sound silly but if you're in Walt Disney World, visit Enchanted Tales With Belle if you haven't before.

It's a "one and done" attraction if you don't have kids in your party, but it is worth seeing once just for the part that recreates this scene.

 photo batb6_zpsad86ad93.jpg
I'll be succinct. The Enchantress should hook up with Magic Man from "Adventure Time". Magical jerks...


 photo batb7_zps63bf6473.jpg
Me, IRL. Always

I did try to ride a library ladder thing once. It ended in tears.

These lyrics, man.

So, we all secretly agree that Lafou is to Gaston as Mr. Smithers is to Mr. Burns, yes?

This movie is so freakin' good it have to remind myself to pause and comment on stuff!!!

Like holy sh*t at the wolf who races past in only 14 frames!

 photo batb8_zps27aa4368.jpg
I'll be saying this pretty much every time a screenshot makes it through but This. Whole. Scene...

 photo batb9_zps9a707175.jpg
Weird Personal Note: These dudes were in my imagination while reading Jurassic Park the first time.

Also, if I am not mistaken, this may be Disney's House Attack Dog Crew, first seen in "Lady and the Tramp"...

...and later re-animated, literally, for the "Escape to Witch Mountain" opening credits, "Oliver and Co", and -maybe- here.

Note: I'm totally okay with repurposed animation, as long as you take the effort to make it hard to notice initially.

Okay, let's try to save the (long) discussion about the Enchanted Objects until after the film. For now...

 photo batb10_zpsed13a50c.jpg
...I love their gradual reveal! Very reminiscent of "Brave Little Toaster" in a way.

 photo batb11_zps84300334.jpg
A) That looks unpleasant. B) I'm gonna have a hard time holding off discussing these poor sods.

 photo batb12_zps5b7f9b39.jpg
Oh man. This movie.

 photo batb13_zps0f723268.jpg
Enter Glen Keane's Crowning Moment Of Awesome.

 photo batb14_zps1e0252ae.jpg
Oh my good God, Gaston. What in the actual eff?

Watching all the Princess movies thus far, maybe it's just me but it looks like we already got ourselves a subversion...


In hindsight it is a damn good thing for Cinderella that Prince Charming was not a raging Dudebro McAsshat...

 photo batb15_zpsa12e4f04.jpg
I don't even want to know what's happening inside the tuba... O_o

I'm guessing this is why Disney doesn't really go for this kind of gag often...

Ugh, I never noticed how Goddamn *gross* Gaston really was, especially in this scene.

"Marry me! I will keep cornering you against walls until you say yes!"

Thankfully we got brain bleach in five, four, three...

 photo batb16_zps5ba710ee.jpg
Honestly. Whole other level from "Little Mermaid". Almost on par with "Snow White" in fact.

 photo batb17_zpse967957d.jpg
The LIGHTING in this movie! This was only the second or third feature they used CAPS and boy are they showing it off!

Important: Belle saves her father by offering to take his place as prisoner. Times Belle has rescued a male character: 1

 photo batb18_zps9aee7fb7.jpg
Even Beast is like, "Woah..." We also get our first hint of his true nature here.

 photo batb191_zpsbe3e930e.jpg

 photo batb192_zps9041e5b5.jpg

 photo batb193_zps8708fc6e.jpg

 photo batb194_zps955e4103.jpg

 photo batb195_zps58de5cbc.jpg

 photo batb196_zpsd6d6ae4d.jpg

 photo batb20_zps44924e05.jpg
But let us not sell James Baxter short. This reaction...

 photo batb21_zps5e896847.jpg
So when this thing comes waltzing into the village...?

Hell yeah, they didn't George Lucas the "Y'wanna - you want to stay in the tower?!"

 photo batb22_zps050f2edf.jpg
This. Production. Design.

Yup. LaFou is ABSOLUTELY Gaston's Smithers equivalent.

Should clarify I mean that in more the "Misaimed, unquestioned devotion to a really sh*tty human being" sense...

...than the "is he or isn't he..." sense. (Okay maybe a little in this sense.)

In any case, are they drinking LaFou's Brew? If so, there's going to be a mess in the fountain later...

 photo batb23_zps5ab1365a.jpg
There's going to be a REALLY big mess in the fountain later...

I can assure you all that frame-by-framing this bit forwards is great and backwards is f***ing GOLD.

Mad, mad props to Andreas Deja. Deja antagonists = best.

 photo batb24_zpsfcc17615.jpg
"Guys! Build this in real life!"
"But, like, CITES exists..."

That is not what "evolving" means you Dudebro Asshat!

 photo batb25_zps1efed084.jpg
All I hear is Hoppo...


 photo batb25_zps1efed084.jpg
"Oh don't mind me! I was just in here all this time watching you cry!"

(Somebody helpfully informs me that Hoppo and Madame Wardrobe were both voiced by Jo Anne Worley in 3, 2...)

 photo batb26_zps47513807.jpg
I want to consider the logistics of Chip's trick even less than I do LaFou's tuba...

Beast's pacing animation = so Goddamn great.

Note: Lumier is, "You two fall in love and the spell's broken by tonight!" Potts is, "You're an idjit."

 photo batb27_zps9c0c18fb.jpg
Those... aren't all Chip's brothers and sisters are they?

Cause... Mrs. Potts is Chip's mother, right? So...............

Oh God, I wish to consider the logistics of this least of all...

Oven-guy is the most terrifying thing in the whole castle.

 photo batb28_zpsf2bec790.jpg
Oh yeah. Totally subscribing to The Rotoscopers' West Wing Time Warp/Beast's Moving Batcave theory.

This is where we get the "Ten years" line. As I said, we'll address this situation later. In the meantime, O_o

 photo batb29_zpscf2ca577.jpg
"Look at what we can do NOW!!!"

 photo batb30_zps58eb8677.jpg
"You mean FORK My Life, oui? Ha ha ha!"
(Stabs Lumier in the eye.)

Hell, I'd enjoy Cogsworth's tour!

 photo batb31_zpsdbb4bf41.jpg
And here we are. The West Wing scene. Which is awesome. And, more importantly, which happens.

Now this may surprise you coming from one of Belle's staunchest defenders, but everything that happens from here on? Her fault

She deliberately ignores Beast's warning out of sheer curiosity - and THAT IS WHY she's an awesome heroine! She's FLAWED as F!

We've discussed this before but flawless characters are boring, cause they've no reason to grow and change and learn. They're also impossible to relate to.

Furthermore: This right here is the turning point of the entire story! Everything in the castle would be stagnant w/out it.

 photo batb32_zps7d7236ef.jpg
Bonus: Because Zach wanted to see Beast's skeleton. Voila!

 photo batb33_zps0a26dd1a.jpg
Where were we? Oh yes, the densest, most important, and most misremembered part of the whole film.

 photo batb34_zps5f12ddc3.jpg
Love this little moment. I wonder if Belle starts to suspect this is Beast's true identity here?

 photo batb35_zps58bcfd00.jpg
On the one hand, God (and magical jerks) knows what could have happened here, BUT...

...On the other, much larger and hairier hand, if there happens to be a magical thingy tied to a curse you are under...

...and there's a new person in your home, just TELL them about it! Don't be like, "NEVER GO INTO THIS ONE ROOM!"

If you just do the second thing, guess what the FIRST THING the newbie is going to want to do? Yeah.

 photo batb36_zpscda73172.jpg
Well, Beast, you done effed up. Hope you're happy.

 photo batb371_zps00355974.jpg
The most important thing to note in this sequence, however, is that Belle leaves the castle.

 photo batb372_zps4f93c780.jpg
Belle. Leaves. The. Castle. Of her own free will. Beast doesn't even stop her.

 photo batb373_zps24aceb65.jpg
Pictured: Belle leaving Beast's castle. This happens. Twice, in fact, but we'll get to that.

Get the point? Good. Let's dance with wolves. (By "dance" I mean "fight" but let's return to the awesome scene in progress.)

 photo batb381_zps44d94e87.jpg
Because then, this happens.

 photo batb382_zps6804d542.jpg
Big damn turning point in the movie right here.

I shall now cut the drama with a hilarious thing I found while freeze-framing...

 photo batb383_zps524e6b1a.jpg
"Oh, you don't know what you just got yourself into, pooch."

 photo batb384_zps87bd3392.jpg
"You just got into a glorious minute and a half of Glen Keane Glen Keanin' it up. Er, I mean, ROAR!!!"

 photo batb385_zps3aeb7978.jpg
"A real human being / and a re-al he-ro..."

 photo batb386_zps2cfd544e.jpg
"The EFF just happened...?"

I jest, but this part is crazy-important.

 photo batb387_zps948f3dab.jpg
Because then, this happens. (Times Belle has rescued a male character: 2.)

Belle could've left Beast in the snow to rot. Instead, she takes him home, tends his wounds...

 photo batb401_zps7e6f7411.jpg
...and tells him to stop acting like a big dumb immature brat.

 photo batb402_zps5bf42a12.jpg
"Yes, but..."

 photo batb403_zpsdb6b7d74.jpg
"... ... ... ... ... Ah, damn."

 photo batb39_zps11a50dcb.jpg
"She's right."

From here on, the focus shifts a little to Beast, now that he's less mysterious and more sympathetic.

In truth, although we've spent a lot of time with Belle (which is fine, since she's still awesome, of course)...

 photo batb41_zps69efb956.jpg
...this is really Beast's journey. He's the one who has to grow and change the most if he wants Belle to rescue him.

Come to mention that, I wish I could remember more of the "Beauty And The Beast"-based sermon I heard once a LONG time ago.

Anyway, on behalf of all of us who love "Beauty And The Beast", please stop remembering this movie wrong. Thank you.

 photo batb42_zps0831e899.jpg
Best face. Beast face. Best Beast face.

 photo batb43_zpsa167f524.jpg

(I mean, sure, I'll take the big sensitive dude with the pretty eyes too but... GIANT LIBRARY... O_O )

CONFIRMED: Chip is Mrs. Pott's son. He calls her "Mom".

And this is why it both sucks and blows that we're going to have to discuss the Enchanted Objects tomorrow.

 photo batb44_zpsd2da1b89.jpg
Never mind that now, LOOK AT THESE BIRDS!!! :D

 photo batb45_zps56ff5860.jpg
18 years of bird watching/feeding and this has never happened to me. Beast succeeds in 10 seconds.

(I mean, yeah Folktale Logic, but still...)

 photo batb46_zps990f11ad.jpg
Oh my God...

 photo batb47_zpsad44347a.jpg
Whoever storyboarded this, and whoever left it in the final film, I love you.

 photo batb48_zpse8dbff9f.jpg
"Look at what we can do NOW!!!"

 photo batb49_zps5616b9b1.jpg
Freaking blown away by this scene in 1991.

Fun fact: if the CGI in this scene didn't work out, Belle and Beast would've been dancing in a black void. Um...

 photo batb50_zps7a709d46.jpg
And here's a neat nuance I never noticed until now: Beast has invited Belle into the West Wing!

He's no longer into keeping his dark, angsty secrets from her! She's welcome in his world!

 photo batb511_zps63ec3941.jpg
And Beast tells Belle to go save her father.

 photo batb512_zps0960a485.jpg
Once again, Beast. Tells Belle. To leave him. So she can rescue her father. This happens.

 photo batb513_zpsec14eb43.jpg
Pictured: Beast not stopping Belle from leaving the castle. Again.

Times Belle has rescued a male character: 3

Man, the townsfolk turned on Maurice quickly.

Gaston's -the VILLAIN'S- whole plan here is based on the idea that somebody trapped in an inescapable situation...

...will just shrug and comply with his demands. There's your Stockholm Syndrome. Yup.

You know what's upsetting? The fact that Gaston was so quickly able to get the entire town to want to murder a guy...

...who they've never even HEARD of up until this moment and who never bothered them besides. Damn.

You know what's even more upsetting? The subtext. "We don't like what we don't understand / in fact it scares us"? Yeah...

Entire battle in the castle is great. Then you realize LaFou is pulling out parts of Fifi's body...

 photo batb521_zps77a5c272.jpg
"I've lost the only person who ever cared for me. Eff it."

 photo batb522_zpsca735db9.jpg
"What... Belle's back?! Well then let me rephrase that."

 photo batb523_zpsb119725f.jpg
"Eff. *You*."

Getting a real "Gargoyles" vibe off this rooftop fight. Then again, this came first... I think...?

Oh no, Beast, don't ever turn your back on a Deja villain!

 photo batb53_zpsadd2ae30.jpg
Oh no... oh...

 photo batb54_zpsb6328692.jpg
"Well, maybe it won't be SO bad being like this forever."
"Easy for you to say, you have ARMS."

I'm not screenshotting the whole Beast transformation because I am human and it is three in the effing morning. But...

 photo batb55_zps1dc5b792.jpg
The whole scene is Glen Keane saying, "I am best at anatomy let me show you!"

 photo batb56_zps75bf523c.jpg

 photo batb57_zpse394af76.jpg
".......who the hell is this guy?"

 photo batb58_zps6031b6d0.jpg
"Well now these people I recognize. Still not sure about Uncomfortably Perfect Man though..."

 photo batb59_zps53b493b3.jpg
A) Human!Chip looks a little like Bill Watterson's Calvin.

B) His "Do I still have to sleep in the cupboard" line is adorable/hilarious. Leave it to the interquels to ruin it.

 photo batb60_zpsb8cf7767.jpg

 photo batb61_zps3ccce1eb.jpg
This is what credits in animated films ought to look like. Yes.

 photo batb62_zps79677b4f.jpg
Though of course, sadly we must end on a bittersweet note.

We are not done with "Beauty and the Beast" though!  Next post, discussion time!


Brian Malbon said...

This is "after ever after", a video this kid did and absolutely nailed, singing what happens to the Disney princesses after the movie ends. I thought you would enjoy it.

Vyrmis said...

Been years (decades?) since I saw this film but all of what TV Tropes would call 'crowning moments of awesome' are still lodged in my head. Now they're back to the surface and they have the name Glen Keane to join them. Ta. :)

On that note, what's that Beast turnaround/orthographic from? I *need* it.