Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Princess Project - "Beauty and the Beast" Tweetmentary

Tweets originally posted on 2/7/14.  And this one's going to be very long because "Beaurty and the Beast" is my favorite Disney Princess movie and I have a LOT of thoughts and feelings about it you guys!

Part One
Part Two
Part Three!


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Brian Malbon said...

This is "after ever after", a video this kid did and absolutely nailed, singing what happens to the Disney princesses after the movie ends. I thought you would enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Been years (decades?) since I saw this film but all of what TV Tropes would call 'crowning moments of awesome' are still lodged in my head. Now they're back to the surface and they have the name Glen Keane to join them. Ta. :)

On that note, what's that Beast turnaround/orthographic from? I *need* it.