Monday, October 28, 2013

Drop Everything and Watch Both "Tales From the Far Side"!

Many years ago, I lamented the fact that neither "Tales of the Far Side" nor its even more obscure sequel were available anywhere on DVD or YouTube.  Well, some kind soul has uploaded both specials just in time for Halloween.

I didn't know Marv "Bambi Meets Godzilla" Newland was involved but in hindsight I suppose if any animator was going to bring Gary Larson's comics to life, it makes sense that it was him.  And it is also very clear in the first minute and a half why the first special was aired once ever in America and never again, cause gee-golly is this way darker and weirder than I remember.  (And -I sure as hell wasn't expecting this- sadder!  Holy sh*t, the sequence with the coyote watching old home movies...)

I have no idea how long these will stay up (how I wish Larson wasn't so damn weird about the internet) so enjoy them while you can:


Sketch of the Day:

8.31.13 - Thumbnails

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