Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Okay, let's talk about how freakin' adorable the new Mickey Mouse shorts are.

Because that doesn't really demand much elaboration.  All of the new Mickey Mouse shorts released so far are indeed freakin' adorable.  Here they are in a (hopefully region-free) official playlist.  Now this is how you effectively revive a classic character.  See how easy this is, Warner Bros.?


By now it's Punch-a-Climate-Change-Denier-in-the-Face Hot, which means it's time to think of this year's summer series. I'm still debating what it's going to be, and rest assured I do eventually wish to do all of these ideas, the question is, which do I do first?

* - Jurassic Park Revisited: This would be me reading the original Jurassic Park novel from 1990 on my trusty little Kindle, and (hopefully) figuring out a way to share passages from said trusty little Kindle.  Passages that are now very strange after twenty-three years of paleontology marching on and that I will make (again, hopefully) hilarious comments about.  While, naturally, respecting the memory of author Michael Crichton.  Who, infamously, was a bit of a climate change denier.  Awkward...

* - Defending the Disney Princesses: In the (not exactly) immediate wake of Princess Merida getting her cheeks liposuctioned and having a vat of glitter dropped on her, I revisit the films in which the Disney Princesses debuted and voice my dissent about the way these characters are currently marketed.  See, one of the most frustrating fallouts from the Disney Princess thing is how utterly divorced these characters are from their original films and their original personalities.  To the point where otherwise reasonable adults -adults old enough to have loved many of these movies in childhood mind you- are remembering them wrong.  I want to try and set the record straight.

* - My Summer (or Autumn?) in "Fraggle Rock": It's remarkable that I haven't done this one yet!  This would be very like the DC Animated Universe retrospective from WAAAY back in the early days of this blog (anyone remember that?  Cause I didn't...)  Except this time I'd have the good sense to discuss significant episodes at length.

That right there doesn't look like a bad schedule.  Of course I'll also have the not-at-all-annual Animated Trailers post and Random 90's Animation reviews whenever any of the remaining films become available.  And I could probably stand to write something about the live-action Disney movies I've been watching, but this will be after I fill in all the gaps in my live-action Disney knowledge, because it turns out most of the classic live-action Disney films I've watched aren't as interesting to talk about as I thought they'd be.

Until then, here's this week's Sketch of the Day!  I don't think I've shared these magical peeps yet?

7.10.13 Sketchbook Page


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to it all.

Also, that Mickey Mouse redesign whacks me between the eyes with it's iconic simplicity (can I say stuff like that?) - and that's just from the still in the video frame. I gotta find me a video-playing device, sharpish.

Grant said...

I vote for all of them.

Trish said...

^^ I will, eventually, do all of these. Just not all at once... XD