Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Let's Read More of the _Prehistoric World_ Series!

_Prehistoric World_ Series

Last autumn, I shared a few of the books from the oftentimes very odd Prehistoric World series of dinosaur books. I mentioned my local library had more of this series, so here come a few of the rest. As with the first batch of books, these books were all written by Virginia Schomp and published between 2003-2006 by the Marshall Cavendish Corporation. Once again, and unfortunately, the individual artists are not credited. The Ceratosaurus book is meaty enough to have a whole post of it's own, so let's start with this amusing illustration from 2003's Triceratops and Other Horned Plant-Eaters, along with the very obvious joke:

_Prehistoric World_ Series - Triceratops

Why the long face, Pentaceratops?

_Prehistoric World_ Series - Stegosaurus

Moving on to Stegosaurus and Other Plate-Backed Plant-Eaters from 2004, we have a disconcertingly old-fashioned illustration of Stegosaurus.

_Prehistoric World_ Series - Stegosaurus

Perhaps that Stego feels down because he isn't part of the "Awesome Shoulder-Spikes" club.

_Prehistoric World_ Series - Stegosaurus

And finally from Stegosaurus, the almost-obligatory plate function theories collection. This one seems oddly sparse. Just once I'd like one of these children's books to acknowledge that gliding stegosaurs were once a thing.

_Prehistoric World_ Series - Pachycephalosaurus

On to 2004's Pachycephalosaurus and Other Bone-Headed Plant-Eaters. Go home, Dracorex. You drunk. Also, possibly an invalid taxon. Maybe.

_Prehistoric World_ Series - Pachycephalosaurus

We'll end with this odd image of a mother Stegoceras charging at another bizarre-looking ceratopsian. The eye-watering perspective aside, this is a pretty neat depiction of speculative behavior.

Next time, we meet up with an old friend yet again...


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Marc Vincent said...

At least some of these illustrations were first featured in Dinosaurs! - in particular, I can remember the covers of the Stegosaurus and Pachycephalosaurus books, and the image of the Stegoceras chasing the chasmosaur. The 'stegosaur family portrait' illustration, if not actually from Dinosaurs!, is at least definitely by one of the artists whose work featured in the magazine quite regularly, especially near the end - possibly Graham Rosewarne (not sure about the spelling)?

The old-fashioned Stegosaurus resembles Peter Snowball's style. Haven't seen it before though!