Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sketches from Nature Documentaries

But not from "Nature", as is my usual tradition.  Instead, here are pages of sketches from two other animal documentaries available on Netflix Instant.

The first is "The Lizard Kings", a "NOVA" documentary about the Monitor Lizards.  It's pretty good, especially since it shows a different side of a group of animals I didn't know much about.

4.11.13 - "Lizard Kings" studies

The next page was filled while I watched "The Natural History of the Chicken".  And I must warn you that it is... not about that.  The actual natural history of the chicken, I mean.  Instead, it's one of the strangest and most borderline uncomfortable documentaries I have seen since "The Rock-Afire Explosion".  (Quick review: You know that one moment with the lady in the cat sweater during "Best Worst Movie"?  "The Rock-Afire Explosion" is like that for the entire movie.)  Man, the story of Miracle Mike is gonna haunt me...

4.11.13 - "The Natural History of the Chicken" studies

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Hadiaz said...

Sorry for not warning you sooner about "The Natural History of the Chicken". I watched it for the 1st time right after "My Life as a Turkey", thinking that it would be similarly interesting/enlightening. It was not at all enlightening & only somewhat interesting for the wrong reasons (I.e. Crazy ppl telling/reenacting their crazy chicken stories).