Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Belated Easter Insanity - Let's Watch "Peter and the Magic Egg"!

Right, stuff is happening in real life, so this post almost didn't happen at all and I apologize for its obviously being spur-of-the-moment and damn-my-OCD-for-making-me-feel-weird-not-having-a-post-every-week-ish.  I will hopefully be able to sit down and write some nice long posts soon.

But never mind all that now.  I know Easter has come and gone, but it's never too late to watch an insane holiday special that -remarkably- it does not appear Rankin/Bass was responsible for.  No, "Peter and the Magic Egg" was most likely an attempt to put personalities and voices to the cute little mascot creatures on a particular brand of egg dye and make them into beloved holiday characters (it worked for Rudolph).  And the writers of this special decided to do this in the most absurd story they could possibly have come up with:

So, what did we learn here:

* - Amish people talk like Yoda.

* - A plastic surgeon can turn you into a cyborg.

* - By the way, an Amish cyborg.  Umm...?

* - Put clothing on an animal and they'll suddenly be able to speak.

* - Evidently a self-respecting sheep will voluntarily answer to the name "Lollychop".

And a spoilery one:

* - Man, words cannot express how p*ssed I was as a child when the egg finally hatches and you find out what's inside. I was expecting a phoenix or a magical wish-dragon or something equally awesome to save Peter and I got... that.


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