Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Links of Interest - Snowed In Edition!

Yeah, you know the drill by now.

* - First off, go help Project Daspletosaurus somehow!

* - Also, help /Filmcast's raise money for FilmAid!

* - Passport to Dreams Old and New has written what may be the definitive last word on "Captain EO".

* - Both Total Media Bridge and The Onion AV Club did recent retrospectives on "Ducktales".

* - Total Media Bridge also revisited "Loonatics Unleashed" so that we don't have to.

* - The AV Club also prompted a lively discussion of media that is hard or impossible to experience.

* - Don Carson's blog has a treasure trove of wonderful Disneyland concept art.

* - Andreas Deja shared some beautiful character design sketches by Milt Kahl of what would have likely been a very different version of "The Black Cauldron".

* - Speaking of "Black Cauldron", according to Parkeology, Tokyo Disneyland once had a unique interactive walk-through attraction based on the film for years and years.

* - As far as new stuff in the Disney parks, after reading this FutureProbe post, I am not looking forward to the fallout from My Magic+...

* - Filmspotting SVU did a terrific episode about mostly-obscure Disney films.

* - I am kind of in love with this Uncanny X-Men cover art by Stuart Immonen.

* - Haven't seen "Cabin in the Woods" yet?  Fix that immediately and then read this Dinosaur Dracula post about its best scene.

* - So... "The Stooge".  I've said this before and I'll say it again, I'll believe that a "Roger Rabbit" sequel/spin-off is actually happening when I am sitting in the theater and actually watching it. 

And here are my results for the Great Backyard Bird Count weekend! Not the most disappointing GBBC I've ever had, but still kind of a bust:

9 species total
2 Mourning Dove
2 Downy Woodpecker
1 Blue Jay
15 American Crow
2 Black-capped Chickadee
2 European Starling
2 Northern Cardinal
1 House Finch
50 House Sparrow


Sketch of the Day! A while ago, on Twitter, Brian Switek wondered aloud why he couldn't combine "Downton Abbey" with a simultaneously-airing documentary on giant squids. How could I resist? Ladies and gentlemen, "Downton Squids":

1.28.13 - Downton Squids


raptor_044 said...

"Total Media Bridge also revisited "Loonatics Unleashed" so that we don't have to."

I just read TMB's MLP:FIM post & wanted to get your opinion on the matter as you probably know a lot more about it than I do. Specifically, while TMB made many a good point (E.g. I too thought the S3 finale was oddly structured), he seemed overly critical & negative (E.g. The things he said about Luna & Discord were misleading or wrong). On the 1 hand, I'm OK w/MLP:FIM getting girlier b/c, AFAICT, the only especially girly aspects of the show are the songs & friendship lessons; If a girlier show just means more of/greater emphasis on said aspects, then there shouldn't be a problem so long as it's still a good show w/clever humor, interesting stories & fun characters (even if it's not as great overall as it was in the 1st 2 seasons). On the other hand, I'm just speculating b/c I really have no idea where the show's going in future seasons. Many thanks in advance for your help.


Trish said...

Oh man... oh man, I don't *want* to write a big, long post about that but... sh*t, I;m going to have to aren't I?

It'll take a while. Be patient, okay? Thanks.

raptor_044 said... evil plan to influence all of the world's bloggers is working!

Seriously, though, many thanks again. I look forward to reading your eventual post.


Adam said...

You have done the impossible and made me slightly interested in Downton Abbey. Congratulations.