Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Chamois Logo Design Process

A few months ago, David Bressan, the author of the Scientific American blog History of Geology whom I have previously created illustrations for to accompany one of his articles, asked me to create a personal logo for him.  He requested both an anthropomorphic cartoon Chamois and a more normal four-legged cartoon Chamois.

I consider Chamois to be one of the world's cutest sheep/goat/antelope-types, and so I gladly agreed.  As per tradition whenever I wrap up an illustration assignment, here is a selection of the artwork that led to the final illustrations:

Here are the initial studies and sketches.

And here's the line art for the logos. They look a little more like character designs, don't they? David wanted several views to chose from.  I really love the front view of "Goat Boy".  So cute!

(And how often did I get a slightly modified version of this song in my head? Don't ask...)

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