Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Links of Interest - Disney Christmas Hangover Edition!

If you were paying attention to my Twitter last week, you know that my family loved Christmastime in Walt Disney World so much that we went back again to catch all the interesting-sounding stuff we'd missed.  We're back, we're exhausted,and we're in charge of the big Christmas party this year which takes place this weekend and we haven't even decorated yet.  So you, dear readers, are getting a Links of Interest.

* - All Yesterdays is here!  Here's Brian Switek's review.

* - We also have Matt Martyniuk's gorgeous-looking Field Guide to Mesozoic Birds to look forward to!

* - Adam and Ifi finally finished their chronological review of every Animorphs novel ever.  Aw, I'm going to miss this.

* - So... dragons, I guess?

* - Also, clowns, for some reason.  Everybody loves clowns, right?

* - The good news is, Disney and Netflix are playing nice again!  The bad news is, we're going to have to wait a while for the good stuff to roll in.

* - Ramping up for the release of "The Hobbit", Antagony and Ecstasy is reviewing every readily available adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien's books, and along with the movies we're all familiar with, this includes some deeply strange films indeed.

* - For the moment, we can breathe a sigh of relief: we're getting traditional animation in the "Roger Rabbit" sequel... if we ever even get a "Roger Rabbit" sequel, I guess.

* - Tough Pigs sat down with "A Special Sesame Street Christmas" and learned very quickly that... well, for a given definition of "special"...

* -  The Onion AV Club listed their favorite opening titles.

* - For reasons known only to himself, Derek Walborn is illustrating "Jurassic Park" in its entirety as a webcomic.

* - Dinosaur Dracula has *sort of* brought back the tradition of Playmobil Advent calendars.  Matt also found the greatest Christmas decoration ever created.

* - TouringPlans started a lively debate over whether or not it's appropriate to surprise kids with a Disney trip.

* - East-coast dinosaurs need more love and Asher Elbein complies with lovely renderings of Alabama archosaurs.

* - And Feriowind did a series of illustrations where... you know what?  Hulk is friends with Jigglypuff and Thor has a Joltik on his head.  That's all you need to know.


Sketch of the Day

I'd be more enthusiastic about the whole "OMG Dragons" viral Disney thing if there was some guarantee it'd pay off with this:

12.3.12 - Fantasyland Dragon?

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