Monday, December 24, 2012

"It's Mime Time." - "Christmas at Walt Disney World" (1978)

I had to save something special for Christmas Eve, and oh, I think I found us a doozie.  Last Christmas, I shared Progress City's upload of "Kraft Salutes the 10'th Anniversary of Walt Disney World", and dubbed it the "Star Wars Holiday Special" of Disney.

I may have spoke too soon. Take a look at this barrel of madness:

Young people, this is why us kids who were born in the end of the '70's are the way we are.  Couple of things that stood out to me:

* - So, who would win in a fight? The Clinkers or Chewbacca's family?

* - That vulture is totally thinking, "I ought to be soaring majestically over the Balkans and here I am serving as window dressing for a bunch of soft-rock weenies."

* - Adult.  Babies. 😱
* - The Gepetto scene is actually kind of touching. Then it gets weird. And finally they cut to, yep, more mimes.

* - You know, to be fair, at least this special actually takes place inside the Magic Kingdom for the most part.

* - Villains singing "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen". Uh-huh.

* - The sing-along finale is nice but this is another one of those situations where I wonder what the real animals were thinking. (Aside from the obvious "Get me the eff out of here!")

* - OMG Shields can TALK!?!


Festive Older Art of the Day! I can't speak for the people who made the special we just watched, but I promise I was high on nothing but Christmas spirit when I made this:

Christmas Fantasy

Merry Christmas to all! See you sometime in January when I'll post something about dinosaurs again maybe.

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