Sunday, December 23, 2012

EVERYTHING Had a Cartoon in the '80's - "Deck the Halls With Wacky Walls"

So help me God and Dr. Fad, I never thought I'd ever see this thing again:

I don't even know what I could add to this. If I ever had to explain to my youngest relatives what it was like being a child in the early 80's, I suppose I could show them that Wacky Wall-Walkers had a Christmas special -- and it's actually pretty good! The story is cute and heartwarming, the animators had fun with the amorphous characters, and the voice actors are top-tier!  Hey, it's not "Charlie Brown" but it's better than it had any reason to be.


Festive Older Art of the Day! Fanart of Fireball's reaction to Rudolph's nose, but I think it applies to this special too. Not to mention tomorrow's...

12.6.09 - Fireball fanart

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