Thursday, December 20, 2012

Being Santa Malkovich: "Santabear's High-Flying Adventure"

Welcome to my incredibly ill-advised Solstice Eve-Christmas Eve Christmas Special Marathon! For the next five nights, I'll be digging up strange Christmas specials from the past and hopefully finding funny things to say about them.

We start with something that's been sitting in my "watch later" YouTube queue for a while now, the innocuously titled "Santabear's High-Flying Adventure". It's cute, and has an entertainingly strange plot, but the highlight is this: John Malkovich Santa Claus. Holy mother of God. Best Santa.

(And it's funny how the sheer awesomeness of Santa Malkovich overshadows the fact that this upload contains all the awesome 1987 commercials AND that Bobby McFerrin voices the title character and his doppelganger villain.)


Festive Older Art of the Day!

To make this a little easier/less insane for myself, I'll be posting older Christmas-themed drawings. Here's a Holly Jolly Jackalope:

12.5.09 - Jackalope Christmas

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