Thursday, June 7, 2012

So here's our "Wreck-It Ralph" trailer! And an Announcement!

I don't think I can embed it so watch it at Jim Hill Media at the highest definition your computer can stand.

Holy crap, this looks beautiful.  Colorful and with an interesting design aesthetic.  There are a ton of great sight gags (Tiny!) and this is shaping up to indeed be the "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" of arcade games.


So...there are some THINGS happening in real life that are disrupting my posting schedule.  I'll try my hardest to get one up every week.  They won't be long, but they'll be something.

This month probably won't be the best one to start my next Big Ol' Watch and Then Write About a Bunch of Related Animated Films in Chronological Order Project, but I want to announce it anyway because you never know (plus the movies in question are starting to pop up in my queue). I am proud and somewhat apprehensive to announce My Summer of Sequels.  Which is to say, I will be watching every direct-to-video Disney sequel that Netflix carries.  

I reserve the right to skip the genuinely horrible ones and/or add in some technically theatrical sequels to take the edge off.  I will also very definitely not be viewing any non-Disney sequels.  Yes, I know there are some deeply fascinating train wrecks to be seen there, but that would mean acknowledging that there are such things as "The Land Before Time: Time of the Journey to the Mystery of the Secret to Some of the Dinosaurs Turn Out to be Aliens. No I am Not Kidding. That's What 'The Land Before Time' is Now".

I am actually kind of looking forward to a few of these DTV sequels.  Admit it, you want to see how in the hell the "Atlantis" sequel even works too.


Sketch of the Day!

Minnie Sketchbook 1

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