Thursday, May 3, 2012

More Sketching From "Nature"

A few months ago, I discussed sketching animals in nature documentaries.  I'm back with more sketches from several different episodes of "Nature".

It should be noted that this new hobby of mine is both rewarding and kind of frustrating.  It is frustrating when I check my DVR and get to say, "Oh joy!  An episode about bears/wolves/lions/apes/penguins/whales!  What a unique subject!"  (NOTE: Trish does not hate Charismatic Megafauna!  Still, three weeks in a row of episodes about whales?  Yeah...)  But it is awesome when I check my DVR and get to see an episode like "Birds of the Gods", which is about the Birds of Paradise.  How often do you get to see them in action or, more significantly, just hanging out and doing things less exotic birds have to do too?

So without further ado, here are sketches from "Cuba: The Accidental Eden"  "Survivors of the Firestorm" , "Wild Balkans" (drink when they mention J.R.R. Tolkien), "The River of No Return", and "Birds of the Gods":

4.2.12 Sketchbook Page the Fifth

4.2.12 Sketchbook Page the First

4.2.12 Sketchbook Page the Second

4.2.12 Sketchbook Page the Third

4.2.12 Sketchbook Page the Fourth

4.28.11 Sketchbook Page

4.28.11 Sketchbook Page

4.28.11 Sketchbook Page

4.29.11 Sketchbook Page

4.29.11 Sketchbook Page

4.29.11 Sketchbook Page

Important Addendum: It should be noted that the quality of the streaming episodes on PBS' website is... not good.  I mean it's good *enough*, but not if you want to pause the show to do a more detailed study.  Something to keep in mind.


Natee said...

Love these!

Albertonykus said...

"Oh joy! An episode about bears/wolves/lions/apes/whales! What a unique subject!"

Oh, this, so very much. There's a reason my favorite episode of The Life of Mammals is "Insect Hunters", which focuses on anteaters and armadillos and pangolins and bats and shrews and moles and sengis and chrysochlorids.

Anonymous said...

^Hey, it's ultimately what is learned about the animals, and how we see them that counts.

That being said, it doesn't hurt to have some variety.