Thursday, April 26, 2012

"Brave" event at Lesley/AIB tomorrow (UPDATED!)

Updated and moved to it's own post!

The Art Institute of Boston is hosting an exhibition and Q&A, of "Brave" tomorrow afternoon for Lesley/AIB students and alumnaeFree.  Screening.  Of "Brave".  With a Q&A.  And if you went to Lesley, you can go.

IMPORTANT ADDENDUM: Yeah... not so much on the screening part. I just got an email from Yifan Luo, AIB's social networking manager, who said:

"Hi Trish,

"I hope you're having a nice day so far! I manage the Art Institute of Boston Facebook and Twitter feeds, and noticed that your blog has been advertising our Brave event as a movie screening. Please not that this is NOT the case! We are hosting a presentation on the animation process and a Q & A with Brian Larsen from Pixar, info copied below:

"All are invited to a presentation for Disney Pixar's BRAVE Followed by the Illustration Senior Show Opening TOMORROW (Friday) April 27, 3:30 p.m.
700 Beacon Street, Kenmore Square, in the Auditorium Room 215
Brian Larsen, "Brave" story supervisor, will give a presentation on animation production from start to finish. He is a huge talent in the animation field. This is a rare opportunity to hear from a master in the field! Pixar's new release, "Brave," is covered in a story on the AIB Illustration blog here.
The Illustration Senior Show Opening follows the talk at 5pm in the AIB Main Gallery on the ground floor.

"Please help us ensure that your followers are aware of this. Thanks so much for your help, and hope to see you on Friday!"

To be fair, the Tweet (not from Lesley/AIB or Pixar for the record) I happened to learn about this event on was very misleading.  So, yeah this is a disappointment, but it will definitely still be worth attending just to hear Larsen's talk and see the senior show.  Boston usually gets shafted when it comes to awesome animation events.

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