Tuesday, March 20, 2012

3:20 Post Weird Disney Things Everyday! Part One


raptor_044 said...

"Mickey and the gang as Reverse-Chestbursters or something...?"

I'm guessing they're trying to suck out our souls.

"Pooh and friends in shrubbery form"

Not another shrubbery!

"Sir, thank you for letting me follow you out of the park. Keep being the most awesome person ever."

How the heck does that hat work?

"Dude, you should be sh**ing yourself right now..."

Is it that the egret is eyeing that guy? Just making sure.

"As it happens, I got fewer uncomfortable laughs and more confused looks than I usually do when I shouted, "Oh, sh*t, it's a dinosaur!" in cases like this."

I'm surprised you can get away w/saying "Oh, sh*t" at a family theme park.


Was the eagle carved into the tree or was it carved separately & then attached to the tree?

"Holy Yak Attack!"

What's in it? It looks delicious.

"Rest assured, fellow Art Evolved -kateers, my dreams were haunted by Dinoland and it's cast."

When you say "cast", do you mean WDW employees in costume or something else entirely? Just making sure.

"MOM and CAST MEMBER share a chuckle. KID's mind, meanwhile, is blown."

Sounds like what happens at HMNH when visitors find out how seahorses reproduce.

"I traveled thousands of miles to drink pints at an Irish pub yeah!"

Any river dancing?


Trish said...

Eh... very briefly, in answer to your questions: I'm guessing the lights have a little battery pack he was able to switch on and off; yes of course; I don't know, probably; every rum ever and slush; Cast Member = every WDW employee ever; if by "Riverdancing", you mean Irish step-dancing, yes.

raptor_044 said...