Thursday, February 23, 2012

Try Looking Michael Eisner in the Face After Watching These Disney Sequel Teasers

I have sometimes been asked why, during the Chronological Disney Animated Canon, I refer to the late-90's through early-2000's as the "Dork Age" of Disney. Now I have a very simple way to answer that question. Boy do I ever.

This thing right here is the trailer to "Dumbo 2". This one (of much poorer quality) is for "The Fox and the Hound 2". Gaze upon them in despair.

You see, this time period not only contained a string of rather dubious films from the Disney animated canon, this was also the Age of the Unnecessary Disney Sequel. Let us never forget that, fellow Disney geeks.

(My favorite part?  "The ostrich is jealous of Dumbo because he's an elephant that can fly!  She's a BIRD!  She CAN'T fly!"

This is like saying that I am jealous of sloths.  Because they are Xenarthrans that can brachiate.  I am a HOMINOID!  I CAN'T brachiate!)


Older Sketch of the Day!

Just because it's adorable (not because I haven't uploaded anything lately). It's also essentially my reaction to the linked videos.

11.4.09 - Squee sketch

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