Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Holiday Hangover 2012!

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all had a great holiday, cause now we're in for 352 more days of people freaking the eff out because they don't understand Mesoamerican culture at all!

Possibly the best joke in a series full of excellent jokes.

So for the first post of this new year, let's see what I got for Christmas. The short answer is, I got tons of books. Which is fine for me, since, as has been established, I am a huge nerd.

I finally have a decent collection of MC Escher engravings, and I got the companion book to Imaginative Realism and the alread-read-and-excellent Hark! A Vagrant! collection. Best of all might be
Animal Anatomy; I can finally stop annoying the library since I have my own copy.

More art books! I am under good authority that the Don Hahn book is amazing, but I am curious as hell about the Terryl Whitlatch book and
Disney Lost and Found.

My cousins got me a lot of hilarious little gifts. That mug in front has a neat hidden secret:

(The one off to the side is meant to be a Deinonychus. Yeah...)

While we are on the subject of dubious theropods, here is something my little cousin got. It's a FurReal Friends baby parrot. With adult plumage. Who drinks milk. And peeps like a duckling. And yet, notice that they didn't screw up the feet.

As far as dubious things made FOR theropods, my uncle gave me this thing, which is being inspected by the Origami cast of "Dinosaur Train". It is a tiny birdhouse covered in seeds.

It's now providing my family and I lots of entertainment in betting how long it lasts. Though the answer so far has been "surprisingly long", which brings us to...

Project Feederwatch!

Week of December 25, 2011:

American Crow 1
Tufted Titmouse 1
Black-Capped Chickadee 1
White-breasted Nuthatch 1
Song Sparrow 2
Northern Cardinal 2
House Sparrow 25

Here's the (extremely blurry; look at the upper-left) Titmouse:

Thus far, the only animal who hasn't looked at the birdseedhouse and gone, "WTF?"


Sketch of the Day!

12.31.11 - Sketchbook Page

Sarcastic comics from me watching the New Year's Rockin' Eve Special are the first drawings of 2012!


Niroot said...


I never realised Kate Beaton's Hark, A Vagrant was available as a book too! Argh.

Flodo said...

Yeah, I still need to get that one too...
The Whitlatch book is awesome - basically all sketches, with very little text. It never fails to get me in the mood for drawing!

Happy holidays Trish!

Albertonykus said...

Interesting seed birdhouse. The origami Dinosaur Train cast also caught my eye. I used to make origami Pteranodon all the time; should upload a picture of one somewhere.

raptor_044 said...

I you going to review "Color and Light" & "Animals Real and Imagined" at some point? I hope so as I'd really like to see what they're like inside.