Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Florida Holiday 2011 Trip Report - In Which Trish does not Feed Giraffes

Hey, do you remember when I said that when next year rolls around, I'd be swapping out the M/W/F or T/TR schedule for a "whateveh, I post new articles when I want!" schedule? This series is partially the reason why.

Anyway, further Lowry Park Adventures!

Florida Holiday 2011 Trip Report

Florida Holiday 2011 Trip Report

I am so disappointed that we didn't get to do this. This was one of the reasons why our friend really wanted to take us to Lowry Park in the first place. Ah well, it's a reason to go back.

Florida Holiday 2011 Trip Report

Florida Holiday 2011 Trip Report

But being this close to Okapi made up for it several times over. From what little I could gather, Lowry park and Disney's Animal Kingdom have kind of an odd relationship with one-another. They apparently "borrow" each-others' Okapi for breeding purposes.

Florida Holiday 2011 Trip Report

Speaking of, baby Indian Rhino! D'aww.

Florida Holiday 2011 Trip Report

Lowry's official Manatee Tank Scrubber. From here, this looks like The Best Job.

Florida Holiday 2011 Trip Report

After visiting the Zoo, we headed over to a beach bar which I chiefly remember for three reasons (four if you count the hilarious/unsettling thing above):

1) I became very suddenly violently ill after coincidentally -or not- consuming deep fried alligator nuggets. I must have been caught up in the moment as the phrase "deep fried alligator nuggets" now sounds irredeemably sketchy. (And this was STILL more fun then the plane ride down.)

Florida Holiday 2011 Trip Report

2) The balcony seats of the beach bar was a playground for the local corvids. These guys were playing with the drink coasters hidden inside that condiment caddy thing.

11.26.11 - Tampa Seabirds

3) Black Skimmers! I love these guys! Strangely shaped beaks are awesome.

Sketches from the Zoo will be in the next post. Meanwhile, I will be wondering if this impulsive "post every weekday for this special feature" schedule was a good idea...

On to Part Three!

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Albertonykus said...

I don't remember seeing okapis and Lowry Park, and was under the impression that the ones I saw on my first trip to the San Diego Zoo were my firsts. Cool. (But then, I may have simply not gone to that part of the zoo.)

And wow, skimmers!