Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Let's Cry Like Litle B***hes at "The Muppets Celebrate Jim Henson"!

There is nothing I can say.

It made me cry. I was going to go on and on about how I wanted to watch this again for the first time ever since it was broadcast and share it here to get us all psyched for "The Muppets"... but then those final ten minutes happened...

Watch it. Please. I can't describe how good this is, especially given how emotional it must have been for everyone. Watch it if it's the last thing you ever do.

Well not the last thing ever, obviously, I mean I'll want you to come back to the site and read and look at my drawings and stuff.

Even though none of us -NONE of us- will ever do anything an micrometer as awesome as what Jim Henson could have done while phoning it in.

I mean, Jesus, we're talking about a guy who pitched a kid's show in the early 80's by stating, "I want to promote world peace to the children of the world." Not, "Let's sell toys" or "Let's cash in on whatever those little brats are into now" or any normal show pitch for that time. No, Jim Henson said, "Let's use television to make the world a better place." Dude.

If only a thousand people today had that same kind of crazy-optimistic-awesome attitude, respected children that much, and had that much faith in humanity, we'd all be in a better world.

I can't be coherent at all. Nothing I can say can make you understand what watching this did to me.

Hooo... man. So "Muppets: Legacy" (heh) premiers this week. I'm psyched for it, and I hope to see more -much more- of these wonderful characters because I have missed them so.


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Anonymous said...

"It made me cry."

Me too. Specifically, it was the part w/the letters. Many thanks for sharing it w/us.

"No, Jim Henson said, "Let's use television to make the world a better place." Dude. Dude!!!"

What's cool about that is that he's still doing so (albeit indirectly) in the form pbs shows both old (I.e. Sesame Street) & new (I.e. Sid the Science Kid & Dinosaur Train).