Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Disney Goes to the Oscars!

On a Disney TV special binge, I found the 1986 special "Disney Goes to the Oscars" among YensidTun's uploads. It's viewable as an un-embeddable playlist and is well worth a look.

Now I remember this special from when I was a kid, but I think I saw a different version of it. I didn't recall Tony Danza being so... Tony Danzish. I also seem to remember they spent a little more time with each short.

But never mind that. There are lots of very interesting things to be seen here from Disney in 1986. We've seen a lot of specials made around the Bronze Age, but this special was made back when Disney didn't have an awful lot to brag about that was recent. The special does focus mostly on the obvious films ("Mary Poppins", "Fantasia", etc.) However, there's a lengthy clip from "The Black Hole" of all things, a very fast look at "Return to OZ", and scenes from the very rarely seen short "Who Killed Cock-Robin" and even "Song of the South"! It's always fun to see Disney show love to the films it hardly gives the time of day to now.

For an extra treat, enjoy this utterly baffling preview of "Star Tours" from the same year:

I want to live on the planet where "TRON" accurately predicted what space travel would be like.


Sketch of the Day!

Deers, man!


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