Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Let's Visit Peak's Island!

Hours, just hours after our power and internet/phone/cable was restored in the wake of Hurricane Irene, our relatives from Florida came to visit us. We decided, since they hadn't visited in years, to give them a whirlwind tour of the southeastern Maine coast. Because why not?

Our first stop was Peaks Island. A nice little spot of green atop the big rocks off the coast of Portland, Peaks will be the subject of the first two trip reports I am finally getting a chance to write.

The ferry departed from right next door to Portland's Wyland Whale Wall (more correctly, Whales Off the Coast of Maine"). Turns out that this is one of only four Wyland murals still visible in New England; we had seven at one point. Oh, how I miss "Stellwagen Bank". (And once again I stumble upon something art and nature AND science-art related for which there appears to be zero nostalgia online. And yet if I showed a Wyland piece to anyone who grew up in the late-80's early-90's, guarantee they'd recognize it somehow.)

Anyway, we were off on the shuttle boat. What a terrific place, it turns out, for wildlife watching.


Big rafts of sea ducks.

Turns out, thanks to this less-fuzzy picture, they were probably Common Eiders.

And the first of many, many, many lighthouses we saw on this vacation.

On Peaks, the main attractions are the remains of fortresses and adorable unique New England architecture. Look at those owl-like shingles!

And the "gingerbread" details on this cute pink cottage.

Oh man. I want to recreate this mural in the backyard...

It's the fact that our heart belongs to the creatures of the sea that makes the people of New England decorate with underwater-y things, like these lobster buoys.

The unusual geology of Peaks inspires temporary art as well. Every visitor is encouraged to create little rock sculptures, and some of them can get pretty elaborate, incorporating driftwood, shells, and other cliffside litter. Here's mine.

Beautiful rocks on the beach.

And honey sold on the honor system!

A sampler of Shipyard beers. Their stout is so smooth!

Next time, we visit the single most AMAZING attraction in the whole upper-right hand corner of the United States.


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Mel Angel said...

caw caw caw!
I love drawing animals, and musculature!
So I found your blog. And I liked it, and it made me hungry for some clam chowder.
Anyway, good work! Rock on!

Mel Angel said...

Enjoyed the pics and the feeling of the climate :) peace!