Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Boothbay Harbor Weekend

Boothbay Harbor is what people who have never visited coastal New England imagine the whole place to be like. Not that I blame them; the place is gorgeous and charming. And filled to busting with lighthouses, pine trees, and the occasional giant robot.

Shops along the harbor.

The beautiful rocky coastline held together with conifers.

Eiders lounging on the rocks.

Auks! Black Guillemots I think! It's hard to tell because they are clearly starting to moult into their winter plumage.

Obligatory lighthouse up close photo.

Obligatory lighthouse out in the distance photo.

An evocative look at the sea and sky.

And the stoney beaches in the rain squall that started on our departure day. (More on that in the next post.)

I should have this kind of dedication. What is wrong with me that I don't?

As I mentioned before, lots of lobsters were consumed during our trip. I... think I'm done with eating outside the tetrapod group for a long time after this.


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