Thursday, September 22, 2011

Links of Interest - Family Reunion Recovery Edition!

So... the last two and a half week's worth of posts were, for the most part, written well in advance, if it isn't obvious. And I missed "Reign of the Dinosaur Revolution". This is all due to In Real Life drama.

Now as you may have noticed, I hate sharing personal stuff online. So I hope "family from Florida came to visit for a week and a half" and "every day was an Adventure largely centered around consuming as much lobster as possible" and "a pipe leading to the downstairs toilet decided to troll us all" is enough for everyone.


So instead of a review of "Dinosaur Revolution" (which won't be happening for a while as I may wait for the DVD because Lull Destruction in nature shows makes me cry), or one of the seemingly twenty trip reports I would like to write (and aside from the plumbing problems, we did indeed have a great time), I have for you Links of Interest!

* - Hey look, another person watching every Disney film there is! The Disney Film Project is both a blog and a podcast, which makes things a little bit different, and it doesn't look like Ryan is doing the films in any particular order. However, and this is the kicker, he's reviewing shorts (giving me a terrific nostalgia trip over favorite shorts I couldn't remember the titles of) and everything from "Song of the South" and "Make Mine Music!" to, er, "Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure" and "The Country Bears". Godspeed and good luck!

* - On another note, how about a blog dedicated to obscure prehistoric animals written by a seven-year-old kid? Next time you feel disillusioned with the youth of today, head on over to Life Before the Dinosaurs and breathe a little easier.

* - If you haven't been reading the Dinosaurs Reanimated Production Blog, you should start. Simple as that.
* - September is apparently Velociraptor Awareness Month. How is it possible that I was previously unaware of this?

* - Archosaur-themed wines? Well, yes. There are quite a few, technically speaking. That said, I need Apatosaurus Chardonnay in my wine label collection yesterday.

* - ColourLovers did a fantastic infographic on the use of color in comics.

* - Speaking of classic superheroes, check out this super-adorable "Up"/"Rocketeer" fan-film.

* - Junk Food Dinner dug up a trio of bizarre children's films for their 75'th episode and also, perhaps more importantly, brought my attention to the website "All Clues, No Solutions". Going over their catalog, it has occurred to me that my alter-ego has been on a very long hiatus hasn't she?

* - Meanwhile Oh Noa reviews the stupidest Halloween costumes currently available. Now I don't have to. (There is no universe in which that Sexy Big Bird costume is okay.)

* - The often hilarious, and oddly named, pop culture blog Wolf Gnards (as with Topless Robot, I promise it isn't what it sounds like) applied a little basic genetics to inexplicably popular sitcoms of the past and the results... my God, I will never see a "Full House" rerun in the same light.

* - Speaking of phrases that name-check God (even though we weren't): There have been a lot of interesting reactions to DC's giant reboot... thing. However, this one might be the weirdest.

* - Speaking of "Full House" (which we were), this is amazing. I want to be able to play this.

* - The Urban Pantheist had a fantastic post about the endangered species issue.

* - You have probably already heard of these shoes. And to them I say, big deal! They don't even really lace themselves and you are just stuck with a pair of really ugly (this coming from a not-a-shoe-person person) shoes. Where is my f***ing Hoverboard?!?

* - As I mentioned a few weeks ago, there doesn't seem to be much happening at Walt Disney World for the parks' 40'th Anniversary. This might be changing early next month. (Wanna bet the "special surprise" is a preview of the Fantasyland expansion? Ffft, yeah right.)

* - Speaking of WDW, OMGWTFLOL!!! (Just trust me when I say that there is a small crater where DisBoards once stood...)

* - Speaking of Disney, obviously a lot of ink and blood has been spilled over the most recent "Star Wars" revisions, but the revisions to Disney films often don't raise a peep. Some thoughts about this here.

* - And on the subject of revised Disney films, remember "The Sweatbox"? The documentary about the implosion of "Kingdom of the Sun" and last-minute bashing together of "The Emperor's New Groove"? Well a tiny little bit of it has been posted on YouTube, so go watch it while you can.

* - And the Audubon Society's blog shared these gorgeous photographs of feathers in amber.

Lots of Art Evolved-keteers getting shout-outs recently, which is awesome! They include:

* - Dave and Niroot's dinosaur fights from "Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs" being featured on io9.

* - A link to and discussion of a rather old "When Pigs Fly Returns" story on Science... Sort Of.

* - And speaking of "Science... Sort Of", hey look who's featured in their a-hundreth episode! Thanks guys, you rule!


Art of the Day!

Hey, I finished the turtle painting!

Ninja Rap

It's a little different from when I started; I didn't like how the greenish-black turtles were fading into the greenish background. Now they're yellowish-puce.


Adam said...

That Life Before the Dinosaurs blog is amazing, and is my new favorite thing ever.

raptor_044 said...

You don't have to wait for the DR DVD if you don't want to (See the following links).

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 4:

Zach said...

Okay, that's incredibly wierd that my ancient post about Deinonychus is just now being featured on a random science podcast.


Let's see what they say.

Trish said...

^^ Yeah, Zack, that gave me pause too. You may want to shoot them an email about it with an update or something; they're pretty cool about that kind of thing.

Niroot said...

Sorry I'm rather late, but thank you so much for the shout about the io9 feature, Trish!