Thursday, June 16, 2011

Easy wildlife garden (Along with a Veggie Garden Update!)

My tulips from last week's post have since faded and my oft-ignored front garden needed some love. I got a great deal on perennials at Big Box Home Building Supply Store. Holy hraka, those Harebells!

5.26.11 - New perennials

They're giving a small "bald spot" in the front lawn some color.

5.26.11 - The Garden Gnome in his natural habitat

More importantly, the Meadow Sage, Harebells, Columbines, Irises, Buddleja, and Delphiniums (the latter three had not yet bloomed when I took this photo) are all flowers loved by hummingbirds, butterflies, bees, and other pollinators. In this little sunny spot, I've created a wildlife habitat. At the Big Box Garden and Home Center, the plants cost about fifty dollars total and I had the little whimsical touches. It's that easy.

I may be modifying this garden as the summer goes on, so, as with the veggie garden, I will make myself post periodic updates on it.

Speaking of the veggie garden. In the Herb/Salad Greens section, I added some Rosemary and Parsley that was languishing in the Evil Big Box Store I "rescued" them from. In the Squash/Cucumber section, the plants have grown some real leaves! There isn't anything as exciting going on with the tomatoes; they look about the same. I did just realize that most of the plants in the vegetable garden are actually fruit...


Sketch of the day! Doves drawn from observation:

6.1.11 Sketchbook Page

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