Thursday, May 19, 2011

I am sick! Here are for you Links of Interest!

So... remember how I said I was sick last post? Yeah. Well, guess who has been infected by the magnificent bacterial Bronchitis?

Penicillin is a hell of a drug, it turns out. At this point, I am really miserable and sick and tired OF being miserable and sick and tired. I hope I am really getting this blog post ready to publish and that this isn't one of those horribly vivid dreams I've been having.

Oh God, oh God, the dreams... My recovery schedule has been like, 1) Wake up and take drugs; 2) Pass right back out; 3) Dream an entire day; 4) Wake up and learn than only an hour or two has passed by and freak out; 5) Repeat for second and third doses during the day.

So in lieu of anything of real substance, here are some Links of Interest...


Spa Studios has shared their amazing character design work from "Rio".

ToughPigs shared their photographs of an incredible Epic Muppet Mural.

If I could round up enough pictures, I would love to do a post about Mickey Mouse with totally random and unlikely people. This picture would be a grand place to start.

Speaking of two people from utterly different worlds meeting together and somehow the universe didn't implode...

Ladies and gentlemen, the magnificent (and very strange looking) Florida Softshell.

In bittersweet news,
Lauren Faust has stepped down from Executive Producer to Consulting Producer on "MLP: Friendship is Magic". More immediately important: how am I going to survive the hiatus!

The beloved film "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" is - ready for this? - forty years old. The cast recently had a reunion to celebrate. This article reports on it and what every child who grew up with the film is secretly thinking.

Apparently Barry Sonnenfeld and Grant Morrison are working on a hopefully better than it sounds multimedia franchise informally called - and I promise you I am not making this up - "Dinosaurs vs. Aliens". (I move that we retitle "Independence Day" to now be, "Mammals vs. Aliens".)

Also apparently, if you liked "The Flintstones" as a kid, you are probably going to want to hurt somebody after reading this news. I can guess exactly what this series is going to be like and I'll bet you can too.

Speaking of strange dinosaurs, Tetrapod Zoology has written a fine article about a
very weird theory about sauropods that I am very happy I didn't imagine.

Speaking of strange, er, Ornithodirans, guess who's back? Back again? Dave Peters is back. Tell a friend.

More serious stuff involving dinosaurs: our own Dave Maas has created an awesome CGI Archaeopteryx. OMG, that walk cycle!

Blacknick Sculpture scored a rare interview with stop-motion animator Lee Ashworth.

Here's a surprisingly poignant behind-the-scenes video of the lead animators of "The Little Mermaid" touring the long-awaited Little Mermaid ride.

And in other animation news, they finally released a trailer for the long-in-the-works Speilberg/Jackson Tintin movie! Now I promised I wouldn't make any assumptions about this movie until they finally showed what the characters actually look like. The fact that we haven't even seen MoCap!Tintin's face... let's just say it did not make me optimistic.

Wow, this trailer looks pretty especially the scene with the pirate ship and the desert near the end! Maybe they will finally reveal what Tintin looks like at the end of this trailer?


Sketch of the Day!

I love designing T-shirts!

5.8.11 - Logo sketches!

And yes, this lake monster might be from a Penicillin-induced dream.

Err, that is to say, drugs are bad, impressionable younger readers. Don't do drugs.