Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Comicon was Awesome - Here are some Links of Interest!

This was easily the best Boston Comicon I've ever attended. Mad props to the show-runners and event organizers and the convention center and to and all the artists and vendors and costumed characters and like such as who participated and/or attended. Major major thanks to everyone I met who bought a print or a card or who just took the time to visit my sites or who picked up a Comicbook Artists Guild application. And thanks to the Guild itself for letting me take up a few cubic feet of their table for the better part of the show.

As usual, I'm overwhelmed with free stuff along with photographs and drawings to sort through. And that's going to take... a while. Like, I'll probably save my Comicon stories for next week. Until then, here are some new

Links of Interest!

So... you may have heard that some serious *EEsht* went down Sunday night. The Hollywood Reporter compiled some of the best/sweetest/strangest reactions from popular Twitter feeds. I am the person John Legend is talking about. If you were wondering, it's more weird than hilarious.

On a (much) lighter note, I love "Scott Pilgrim vs the World", I love "Friendship is Magic", and thus I wish I had come up with this trailer mash-up first.

Speaking of Ponies, congratulations are in order to Lauren Faust, for raising over $15,000 for Japan relief efforts via her recent character design auction.

O.T.I.S. visited the New England Aquarium and came back with lots of great photographs.

I read this weird story about Mike Tyson's tattoo artist and immediately wondered if he was suffering from the same ego-inflating disease that recently infected Greg Paul.

Here's a little song they both might need to listen to; and that should be turned into a cute animated PSA to run during Saturday morning cartoons.

The blog "Good Show, Sir!" is a repository of really weird trade paperback cover art. I think their newest find is my favorite so far.

We didn't talk much about current happenings in mainstream comics at the CAG table, but I did overhear some people wagering that once our old friends the Mainstream News (click the "Epic Fail" tab below) heard about a certain plot twist that happens in Action Comics #900, they'd blow it way the hell out of proportion. Guess what? They did. (Guys, he's an alien. Chill out.)

Lastly, and best of all, ArtEvolved's Hadrosaur Gallery is up! Hooray!


Sketch of the Day! Have a random dragon!

4.18.11 Dragon

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