Friday, April 1, 2011

Three Weirder Easter Bunny Appearances

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Back, way back, on Thanksgiving day, we saw our first teaser trailer for "Hop", which is currently in theaters, which makes me wonder if the phrase "from the creators of (popular previous movie)" even means anything anymore, and which stars an Easter Bunny who sh*ts jellybeans.

Perhaps it's the fact that Easter is the most important and significant Christian holiday on the calendar that it took so long for us to get a movie where the Easter Bunny poops onscreen. Leave it to Tim Hill, the guy who introduced coprophagy-based humor to "Alvin and the Chipmunks", to finally cross that line. (Yes, rabbits do eat their own poop in real life, but that's not the point.)

So when I say "Weirder Easter Bunny Appearances", I'm taking scatological humor off the table. You can't get weirder than that, so I'm ignoring it outright. I haven't seen "Hop", but I predict that the poop jokes are the most unusual thing in it; this is the kind of awful children's film where one can confidently predict the plot by learning what songs are on the soundtrack. (As an aside, it is time to retire "Song 2".)

So, weirder pieces of animation that involve the Easter Bunny (besides the really, really obvious one). By a fantastic stroke of luck, many of the specials I wanted to talk about are featured in this old Disney Channel promo:

By an unfantastic stroke of unluck, I wasn't able to find the full specials on Youtube, nor was I able to find any video clips at all. But I think I found enough. First up is "A Family Circus Easter". I'm skipping ahead to the good part and the one thing you may remember from this special: Scatman Crother's awesome Easter Bunny song. You'll have to crank it up since the sound quality is awful:

If you remember back to Halloween, I shared the rarely-seen Will Vinton Halloween special "starring" Wiltshire Pig. The character returned in an Easter special which is only available on DVD, packaged with the famous "Claymation Christmas Celebration". But here's an unusual find: John Ashlee Pratt winning an Emmy for his work on this special!

And then, there's "Easter Fever". Made by our wonderfully strange friends up at Nelvana and released in 1980, it may be the weirdest holiday special I've ever seen. Maybe...
too strange. I lasted about halfway through, how about you?


Art of the Day!

Ah, how I love when this happens.

"FITBY" Ep. 49 - "Arceus, What Have I Done?"

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