Saturday, March 12, 2011

Well, now I'm this much.

(I like to imagine that nothing was staged in this video. This is what the Pumpkins saw every day in their neighborhood; they just happened to remember a camera this time.

Addendum: Fun and kind of mind-blowing thing I just learned via Fark. Billy Corgan's birthday is March 17; this year he has turned... 44.

Also, I need to highlight more vintage music videos.)

If you'll excuse me, I'll be here in the corner having an existential crisis.


Zach said...

Happy birthday! It's my wife's birthday tomorrow, in fact. You two are one year apart.

David Orr said...

Yup, happy belated one! You're a year behind me. Hope your existential crisis goes as swimmingly as mine did. Thanks for the vid, too. Forgot about that tune. Good one.

Peter Bond said...

Happy Birthday Trish! Hope you have a rocking day and get to ride a white horse!