Tuesday, March 1, 2011

On new (to me) "Futurama" Episodes

I guess I could stay a little on-topic and talk about how having ten movies nominated for Best Picture ultimately makes the category almost meaningless and complaining (again) about the bullsh*t involved in the Best Animated Feature award (which this nice infographic does very well for me so never mind). Instead, let's talk the "Futurama" revival. And, later, bird seed.

I didn't get to see the new episodes of "Futurama" in their initial run, but I just found out this weekend that they are available via Netflix Instant Watch. So I spent a lazy Sunday watching the whole shebang in one go. Here are some thoughts:

Don't bother if you haven't seen the direct-to-DVD movies. This is a pretty continuity-heavy series. There's only four of them and they aren't that long. They are also all available via Netflix instant watch.

It takes a few episodes for the show to find it's footing again. Once it does, you've got episodes that rank up there with the best. Among the highlights are the revelation that, yes, history is cyclical in the "Futurama" universe (bummer for that guy in "The Cryonic Woman"), Amy's brain temporarily being overtaken by a self-aware piece of janitorial equipment, and an intelligent design advocate who happens to be a superintelligent orangutan.

I don't know if I've sold more people on this series or frightened them away...


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