Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Ethnic Stereotype Enforcement Day, fellow Stereotypes!

And curse that brat what gave me this accursed Aeroplane Doom Virus! Try to disrupt my perfect Two New Posts a Week schedule, will you? Well...

(SFX: Me coughing a lung inside-out.)

Yeah, screw it. Have more random Links of Interest.

The Onion has been rather hit-or-miss the past few years but every so often, they produce a new classic. This recent Op-Ed piece... is beautiful. May I suggest this as a musical accompaniment?

My sister recently alerted me to this song, which is apparently a thing.

Comics Alliance has a spiffy take on the old chestnut, "Guys, some Pokemon 'dex entries are really freakin' upsetting."

By the way, is it me or did Scythemantis' piece "Pokeymanz Pokeydex" (nightmare fuel warning) prepare us for the Tympole line?

Flickr user Kerrytoons has a gold mine of Saturday Morning Cartoon advertisements from years past. I may have to do a full post about them later.

And since it is seasonally appropriate, I give you the awful, the okay, and the amazing among movies based upon Irish mythology. I also have finally reviewed "The Peanut Butter Solution". I have a feeling this is the one review that’s going to get the most "holy s**t, THAT’s what it was called!!!"-es.


Sketch of the Day!

My aunt and uncle's cats!

2.20.11 Sketchbook Page

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