Wednesday, January 19, 2011

So... "Gotham High"

With that headline and perhaps with what you can discern of my mood lately, I'm guessing it's pretty transparent that some stuff happened recently in real life that made it hard for me to keep on top of things in the wider pop culture world. I... might explain what's going on later or I might not; right now, it's too soon.

Anyway, here is something the rest of the animation blogosphere is already over:

Mad props if you can recognize all the characters. "Gotham High" was a show that was being developed by the comic book artist/author team Celeste Green and Jeffrey Thomas. The whole thing was prompted by a piece of art they had made and sent in to DC. You can see it and the other concept art for the series on their blog.

So as far as anyone knows, this was not the "make us a cartoon about Batman in high school to appeal to the young parsons!" series that, through clever interpretation, eventually became "Batman: Beyond". It's a more recent proposal that was lost in the great sea of Batman-related animation projects pitched in-between the two (thus far) Christopher Nolan (hold that thought) films. It was rejected and it isn't happening. I think the "this is a secret test" theory over at Topless Robot is intriguing, though a little unlikely. The whole thing was probably going to be in the vein of the dearly missed "Clone High".

This is, if it were actually happening, a fine example of the crazy and stupid stuff Warner Bros. likes to do with it's characters now (let's not bring THAT series up again). But with the "This is not actually going to happen" safety net securely beneath us, I have to say that, surprisingly enough... I don't hate this. Which is to say, I think the concept art and character designs look really, really good. Clayface leaves me a tad confused, but every other character design choice is pretty clever.

I am glad this isn't happening, don't get me wrong. Now, have you heard of that crazy Spider-Man musical?


Been surprisingly disciplined in adding new reviews to the Realm of Mad-Ness. The latest is of a kid's movie that will scar children for life. Actually, that describes most of the kid's movies I review. Huh.

Sketch of the Day!

Yeah... I still kinda feel like this.

New Year's Day Elephant!


Zach said...

Gonna try and name 'em all. From left to right: idea who that first person is. Everyone else is pretty easy, though:

Two-Face,Penguin, Clayface, probably the Riddler, Barbara Gordon, Bruce Wayne, Scarecrow, Seleny Kyle, Joker, Harley, Ivy, Bane, Mr. Freeze.

This piece of art is very...fanficy.

Trish said...

Would you believe the first guy is Clayface (clearly, we are both biased by the "Animated Series" take on the character, as we should be)? Fourth guy is Killer Croc.