Monday, December 20, 2010

Forgotten Christmas Specials 2010!!! Part One

As I stated on Thanksgiving, I found a YouTube Channel that had a bunch of Christmas specials I never thought I'd see again. Among them is "George and the Christmas Star", a strange and oddly melancholy little special from our Canadian friends:

I remember seeing this in New Hampshire a very long time ago, and all I remembered was Ralph the Robot's song. All the songs are by Paul Anka and... you can tell.

The aforementioned YouTuber was also kind enough to share "Raggedy Anne and Andy and the Great Santa Claus Caper":

When we think of Chuck Jones Christmas Specials, we probably immediately think of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas!" But that's not the only one. "Santa Claus Caper" is an oddity from the late 1970's and the world has seemed to forget it entirely even though it's cute and really quite good.

Fun things to notice: I don't think Chuck could ever let Wile E. Coyote go. June Foray should be in every Christmas special ever. The message of the special comes across as "Don't leave your toys mint in the box because that is bad and wrong," which is... an odd point of contention to have indeed.

Chances are you'd see commercials like these during these specials:

I love the montage of all the "Celebrate the Season with Kraft" ads that ran during the first-ever broadcast of "The Christmas Toy". They made all that cheesy goop look *so* appealing!


Obliquely Festive Thing of the Day! It is, in Any Case, Timely!

So, there's this movie adaptation of "Yogi Bear" out now. It looks like pretty much the Worst Thing. However, every cloud has a silver lining, and io9 writer Cyriaque Lamar has watched the film for our sins. Cyriaque then wrote this amazing review, which is a must-read, because it gets downright philosophical about Yogi and his fellow Hannah-Barbera animal characters:

"If chipmunks, beagles, and platyhelminthes suddenly begin yammering at us about shamanistic folk remedies, humanity's entire philosophical, religious, and legal edifices will be blasted to smithereens... the Jellystone bears are creatures that should make SETI sh*t its pants, but they're greeted with apathy."


Sketch of the Day!

More Craft Fair silliness!

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