Friday, November 19, 2010

"How the Grinch Stole Christmas" airs... tonight?

Yes, tonight. At eight PM EST. On TBS. Followed by "Shrek" and "The Cat in the Hat". Yes, THAT "The Cat in the Hat". The visual representation of the opposite of fun that also made Audrey Geisel halt any further live-action film adaptations of her late husband's books and keep very strict quality control on any other adaptations (deep breath) THAT "The Cat in the Hat". I guess we should be grateful they aren't airing the ghastly live-action "Grinch", but still,

OK, that issue aside, why November? Why the week
before Thanksgiving? I recall "Grinch" being aired very early last year as well, and at this rate, we'll be seeing the special air in October some year.

But who am I kidding? It's the Grinch! You could make a great argument that this was Chuck Jones' Crowning Moment of Awesome. And having Jones and Dr. Suess and Boris Karloff and Thurl Ravenscrofft and June Foray all working together is like a perfect storm of win. This is easily the greatest Christmas special of all time and is also an excellent litmus test. Any adult who doesn't go "aww" at any moment in the show, particularly the ending (only acid reflux is more guaranteed to bring me to tears), is very likely going to display worse problems later on.

In most markets, I have noticed that "The Grinch" is often rerun in December, closer to Christmas. I'll have a list of things to look for ready by then; I just need to dig out my copy of
Chuck Reducks.

What's a little bit more interesting is that there is a brandy-new "Futurama" holiday special this Sunday...


In other news, New England Comicon is this Sunday. Lots of Comic Art Guild people will be there (but possibly not me as I have a prior commitment and just learned about this event.)

Also, the AV Club has a very nice write-up on watching the DC Animated Universe. They are dead-on about "Superman" but I disagree with them on "Batman Beyond".

ALSO also, here is a drinking game idea. "Harry Potter" fans, Drink when you have flashbacks of the long, l-o-n-g summer of 2003 (when a considerable number of movie reviews for the second and third "Matrix" movies -which are essentially one long movie released in two parts and also it had been a while since the first movie- were written by people -people paid to write reviews of movies, mind you- who did not bother to go back and watch the first movie...)


Art of the day! Actually, it is time to start thinking of this year's Christmas card design isn't it?

11.9.10 Sketchbook Page

EDIT: I didn't go with these designs, but cards are now available at the Zazzle store.

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