Monday, September 13, 2010

Sketching at the Maine Wildlife Park

This one's a nice picture-heavy, text-light one.

8.15.10 Sketchbook Page 2

The Maine Wildlife Park in Gray, Maine is another of my absolute favorite places to sketch. There's no real substitute for sketching from life. Especially when you run into a good model like this porcupine:

8.15.10 Sketchbook Page 3

And this moose:

8.15.10 Sketchbook Page 4

The Park is run by the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife and started out as a facility for raising game birds like pheasants and turkeys. Formerly known as the Gray Game Farm, it expanded it's purpose to rehabilitating injured animals of all species.

8.15.10 Sketchbook Page 5

Today, the Wildlife Park serves as a shelter and rehabilitation center for wild animals who, for some reason or other, cannot survive outside the zoo. Representative species of most New England mammals are one of the Park's highlights. (Though you will probably run into some Hazards of Sketching In Public, like I did. See the quote I overheard in the page below. And the dreaded All Animals are Domesticated trope affects this park like no other...)

8.15.10 Sketchbook Page 6


Albertonykus said...

"This is boring!" Haha. These comments are pretty standard for any trip to zoos/aquariums/museums/wildlife parks/similar institutions. I'll bet most of us could do multiple long posts about silly things we've overheard on those trips.

Trish said...

^^ Sounds like that could be a fun open thread at Art Evolved. I have written about the unforeseen hazards of breaking out the Sketchbook in public a while back: (So far, the moms who brought their two-year-olds to HMNH still win.)