Thursday, July 1, 2010

America Plants!

When last I talked about my garden, it was overrun with tulips and onions. Those have since gone to fruit, but there are loads of wildflowers taking over the big garden:

6.15.10 - Big Garden in Summer

You can see the "spent" onions, lots of Rose Campion (to think some people would call this a weed!), and some yet-to-flower daylilies and chrysanthemums.
I don't remember if I showed off my irises, but here's what's currently blooming in their part of the garden:

6.15.10 - Mystery Lilies!

Some crazy Asiatic Lilies I don't remember planting! Really, I don't remember planting these. I do remember having lilies in this garden, but they were all eaten years ago by those horrid little red beetles whose larvae spend all their days eating lily leaves and (from the looks of it) coating themselves in their own feces.
Perhaps they weren't all eaten? It is a mystery...

6.15.10 - Delphinium close up

I apologize for the blurriness of this picture. This wasn't a particularly good year for the Delphiniums. They are so pretty but one strong rainstorm and they flop over. At least the bees don't care.

6.14.10 - "Niobe"

On the other hand, my Clematis is having an incredible year. I've never seen so many blooms on it! They only lasted a week or so but what a show!


Sketch Costume design of the day!

It's almost Independence Day, so how about some patriotic pants?

The Mighty America Pants!

This was part of a costume I designed for a Fourth of July party called America Pants (for reasons un-freaking-known; but there's your title significance). Some of the rest of the clothing I made for the occasion can be seen here.


Oh, hey, is that a Drawgasmic button at right? The party happens on July tenth! That's only days away! If you're in the St. Louis area, please go!

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