Tuesday, June 29, 2010

There are times when I am sad that illustrators and writers don't get a lot of attention.

But if the unintentionally hilarious/sad Famous Comic Book Creators trading cards made in 1992 and recently dug up by the Comics Alliance blog are the alternative, then I'm not so sad. Don't get me wrong, they are a great idea. A well-done set of trading cards highlighting genre artists and writers could be wonderful; maybe even a game a la "Authors".
The Comic Book Creators cards are... well, the *backs* of them are pretty cool, with brief biographies and lists of their works. But those photographs! What were they thinking!
I've swiped some of my favorites to share here (with my hopefully hilarious commentary), but Comics Alliance has many more. Their photos for the three (just three! Girl Nerd Rage!) female writers/artists are just...

Your argument is invalid.
"My hair is a Pre-Cambrian sea creature. Your argument is invalid."

It's Cenobite Boy!
The role of the young Clive Barker will be played tonight by Adam Sandler.
(Though the saddest part of this card is the back, where it promises that Barker was going to direct "The Mummy". Damn.)

Action Todd!

The general consensus at ComicAlliance is that this one is the greatest and best trading card of all. (Seriously, Todd, what do you think you're even doing in this picture?)


Sketch of the day!
In-between having my sister take pictures of me being awesome (I was inspired by Todd MacFarlane), I drew this Velociraptor, who is also being awesome:

5.27.10 - Just the 'raptor


By the way, guess who forgot to watch the "Futurama" premier? Le sigh...

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Zach said...

You didn't miss much. There were actually two distinct episodes. The first one was...bad. The second one had its moments, but was ultimately forgettable.

I also suspect that everybody from the original cast really IS back except for Hermes, who sounds different.