Tuesday, June 22, 2010

So... Brett Ratner is making a Darker And Edgier (tm) version of "Snow White" for some damn reason.

Here's the announcement from something named Deadline. Couple of quick summary/points:

* - This is happening because of Tim "Where's the Guy Who Gave Us Large Marge" Burton's "Alice in Wonderland"

* - It is going to be part of a wave of mutilation Darker and Edgier (tm) versions of childrens literature previously tackled by Disney (though, to be fair, Disney is not the only studio responsible for all the upcoming new movies).

* - These are all going to involve (or have, in some cases, already involved) the most random film-makers imaginable.

* - They are currently planning for all these films to be, you guessed it, in 3 (f***ing) D.

* - Somewhere out there is a version of the folktale "Snow White" that I was unaware of** that involves a dragon. ** - As I have my Masters of Education with a focus on childrens media, this makes me feel sad.

* - This is, and I quote, "not your grandfather's Snow White."

Well. Huh.

In other Darker and Edgier (tm) news, dammitsomuch!!! No! Just, no! Bad studio! (Slaps studio.) Bad!!!

And in other depressing film news, we can't have nice things. Nice things like, say, a Wayne D. Barlowe designed Smaug. (Gee, I was just thinking that "The Hobbit" wasn't taking long enough.)

Addendum: In the words of Tinny Tim, "You built up my hopes and dashed them quite expertly, sir. Good show!"


Sketch of the Day! Let is counteract the sadness with a cute character design!

5.26.10 - Second Raccoon Character Design Idea


Peter Bond said...

These are all very disappointing developments...

A DARKER Fraggle Rock??? What?

Trish said...

^ All the more idiotic because the series was pretty dark already. Sometime I must do a retrospective.